Obituary: Mrs Dorothy Everton Johnson

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Mrs Dorothy Everton Johnson, of Brick Kiln Place, Grantham, has died in Newton House Nursing Home, Barrowby Road, Grantham. She was 89.

Born in Denton in November 1924, she lived in her birthplace for all but the last year of her life. She was a dedicated and proud servant of the village and a lifelong loyal friend to its community.

Following the death of her mother, she was adopted by the Short family when she was a few months old. Brought up by the Shorts as one of their own, she loved her adopted family, especially brothers Stan and Alec, to whom she remained close throughout her life.

After leaving school, she worked in Green’s millinery shop in Grantham until the outbreak of war, when she joined the Land Girls and did her bit for the war effort on a dairy near Denton. During this time, she met and fell in love with Jack, but like many young couples, they were separated soon after by the war. He joined the Fleet Air Arm and was posted to Darwin, to work with the Americans in the battle for the Pacific.

Jack did not return to Denton until early 1946, but they were married on Boxing Day that year and set up home in the village.

Their first child, Pam, was born in September 1947 and from then on Mrs Johnson worked in several part-time roles, taking in all facets of village life: working at the school, the manor, Geesons funeral directors, and for several people around the village.

Their second child, Alan, was born in August 1957.

Mrs Johnson joined in many village activities, including the WI, church choir and village dances. She particularly enjoyed flower arranging at the church, and amateur dramatics where she and lifelong friend Marjorie Allen would often be seen in fits of laughter as they tried to act out a comic part. They both also loved singing in various choirs.

Her daughter Pam was taken ill and after a long battle with cancer, she died in 2003. This was followed just six weeks later by the death of her husband. It was a very difficult time for her and one with which she never really came to terms.

In later years, Mrs Johnson was comforted by the success of her grandchildren Martyn, Kathryn, Chris, Joanne, and Karen, and the arrival of great-grandchildren Joseph, Edward, Ella and Josh, all of whom visited her regularly.

In 2012, she was contacted by her nephew Michael, the son of her sister Elsie with whom she had lost contact for more than 50 years. Her sister had predeceased her, but she was glad to be able to meet Michael and his family.

Mrs Johnson had many friends in Denton and it was with some difficulty that in 2013, as she became less mobile, she made the decision to move to Brick Kiln Place, where she was looked after very well by the staff and carers in her final months.

Lesley Devine conducted the funeral service at St Andrew’s Church, Denton. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Alan Johnson, Susan Oxley, Mr A. Saunders, Mr and Mrs D. Saunders, Mrs A. Harby, Mr M. Harby, Mr and Mrs M. Saunders, Mrs E.Harby, Mr I. Harby, Mr O. Mason, Mrs K. Mason, Mrs J. Kettle, Miss E. Kettle, Mr J. Kettle, Mr G. Kettle, Miss J. Feott, Mr C. Harby, Mr N. Skeith, Mr and Mrs D. Mousley, Andrew and Pat Baines, Joseph Hodgkinson, Kathryn Hodgkinson, Allyson Coates, Steven Brown, Cyril Brown, Brenda Brown, Eileen Skeith, and Doug Allen.

Other mourners included: Pamela Newman, Margaret Vickerstaff, Cliff and Gill Jones, Winifred Rumsey, Mary Blackbourn, Hazel Grinter, Terry and Carol Martin, John Martin, Mrs R. Clark, Marion Capewell, Edward Hiley, Terry Bristow, Hilary Hack, Mr A. Bristow, Mrs S. Tever, Mr and Mrs P. Peatman, Mr and Mrs I. Bratton, Mrs D. Head, Mrs T. Newman, Mr and Mrs P. Humphreys, Mr M. Chambers, Mr J. B. Crane, Mrs J. Howlett, Mrs E. Hallam, Mr and Mrs P. Swain, Gwen Swain, Mr A. Geeson, Mrs H. Arch, Mrs G. Boyle, Mr and Mrs P. Doughty, Mr T. Balfe, Mr and Mrs K. Bristow, Mrs M. Kettle, and Mr and Mrs D. Hiley. Funeral arrangements were by Geesons Funeral Directors, Westgate, Grantham.

Donations for Cancer Research UK amount to £300 to date.