Obituary: Mrs E. T. Massen

Obituary: Mrs Massen.
Obituary: Mrs Massen.
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Mrs Elaine Theresa Massen, of Carlton Road, Hough on the Hill, has died at home. She was 50.

She was born in Grantham in August 1962.

The loving wife of Clarry, she was a cherished step-mother and grandmother, who was loved by all her family and friends.

Mrs Massen had worked as a machinist the then worked in the NHS, before setting up her own cleaning business.

Her interests included gardening, sewing and her two dogs, Zak and Walter.

Mrs Massen embraced village life and the community.

The funeral service was held at All Saints’ Church, Hough on the Hill, conducted by the Rev Stuart Hadley. Burial followed in the churchyard.

Family mourners included: Clarry Massen, Paul Massen, Emma Massen-Gill and Kevin Gill, Lucy Gill and Martin Gill, Kelly Swann and John Scott, Lisa Spencer, Ray Ward, Chris and Rachel Walker, Lorraine and Paul Willoughby, Ena and Paddy Doyle, James Doyle, Pamela and Peter Wilcox, Nicola and James Copeland, Martin and Teena Swaby, Nicola Swaby, Katie O’Boyle, Sandra and Paul Swann, Angela Ward, Ian Nettleton, Lucy Nettleton, Holly Nettleton and partner, Peter Nettleton, Steven Ward, Eileen Ward, Paul Swann and Kat Hickling, Mel and Lynda Gill and Robbie Mullen.

Other mourners included: Carl and Ammelia Hewerdine, Becky Hewerdine, Charlotte Hewerdine, Charlotte Hewerdine and Tom, David Silver, Tom Lord, Betty Newton, Mark Newton, Justin Newton, Danielle Jackson, Faye Randall, Elaine Roper, Jim Roper, Anthony Roper, Sally Cade, Paul Swinburn, Richard Walker, Oliver and Sarah Walker, Nikki and Sam Walker, John and Sandra Kaveney, Babs Ward, Kim Sargeant, Susan and Alan Turner, Claire Bannister, Sue and Steve Hesketh, Jack and Denise Hancock, Chris Seage, Terri Rogers, Kara Harrison, David Vincent, Janine Jones, Jane Whyman, Pamela Weston, Roy Matthews, Dr and Mrs Whitbread, Ellen Willoughby, Donna Gray, Sharon Gray, Mick Cooke, Elaine Watkinson, Ann Birkinshaw, Graham and Margaret Wuidart, Jane Newton, Gary Newton, Angela Newton, Sue Newton, Wayne Newton, Shirley and Pete Dowson, Wayne Egan, Pat and Peter Scott, Rachel Hare, Fiona Bryan, Simon and Linda Lord, Dorothy Wright, Sally Wright, Simon Down, Simon Newton, Mr S. Newton, Elizabeth Brown, Theo Pywowarczuk, Liz Pywowarczuk, Steve and Jane Pickard, Rachel and Barry Lawton, Susan Bonner, Jinette Willetts, Glen Shine, Stephanie Shine, Heather Bunning, Catherine Clements, Martin and Vicki Strawson, Kenneth Jackson, Miriam Jackson, Nicky Seddon, Nick and Fleur Mussell, Doreen and Peter Taylor, Mr and Mrs Russell, Pam Nettleton-Clark, Chris Down, Alistair and Sarah Knott, Jane Wright, Tony Rogers, Doug Bullock, Richard and Louise Walker, Esmee Moore, Mr and Mrs Newton, Mrs Goodge, Mr and Mrs Bevin, Arthur and Judy West, Janet and John Scrimshaw, Mark and Kerry Ablewhite, Jeremy Haywood, Tony Wright, Richard Hutchinson, Henry Lord, Beryl Pickering, Leslie Willowby, Ms A. Rogerson, Keith and Sallyann Dickinson, Stacey Aston, Carol Taylor, Chloe Taylor, John and Carol Everett, Terry and Margaret Everett, June Sargent, Mary Down, Steve Moore, Richard and Margaret Lord, Keith Johnson, Jennifer Whyman and Dieter Dreschsler.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for the Donor Family Network and All Saints’ Church, Hough on the Hill, amount to £841.