Obituary: Mrs Emily May Hallam

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Mrs Emily May Hallam, of Hungate Road, Denton, has died in Grantham Hospital. She was 85.

She was born in March 1929 in Bulby, near Irnham.

At the age of 21 she married Noel Hallam.

Prior to her marriage Mrs Hallam worked as a canteen assistant. She then worked at BMARC and later Aveling Barford.

Mrs Hallam was a great Daniel O’Donnell fan. She loved holidays, mystery weekends, ‘Turkey and Tinsel’ trips and summer holidays.

She was a lover of all animals, especially cats and dogs.

Sheila Finch conducted the funeral service at St Andrew’s Church, Denton. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners and friends included: Vicky Howlett, Rhi Clark, Carol Martin, Jean Turner, Margaret Pacey, Sue Dunsmore, Susan Clements, Tracey Child, Hazel Haimes, Paul Haimes, Rachael Haimes, Peter Haimes, Joan Davis and Gordon Davis.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs Austen, Mr R. Clarke, Mr T. Martin, Mr J. Martin, Mrs J. Hagues, Mrs A. Towle, Mrs P. Newman, Mrs M. Vickerstaff, Mrs M. Blackbourne, Mr and Mrs Cox, Mrs R. Green (Woolsthorpe surgery), and Mrs C. Downs, Mrs V. Clark, Mr M. Chambers, Mr P. Smith, Mrs R. Woodwood, Mrs H. Pidgeon, Mr P. Roylance, Mrs E. Skeith, Mrs M. Swann, Mr F. Porter, Mrs L. Marsh, Mrs T. Newman, Mr and Mrs M. Goulding, Mrs M. Roberts, Mr B. Phillips, Len and Pat Scoffins, Mr and Mrs C. Clapton, Pat and Ernie Doughty, Mr and Mrs Hawton, Hilary Hach, Hazel Grinter, A. Bristowe, Stephen Brown, Gilla and Cliff Jones, Linda Thorpe, Jill and Keith Hiley, Alan Geeson, Iris and Graham Britton, Paul Gibbins.

Funeral arrangements were by Geeson Funeral Directors, Westgate, Grantham.

Donations for Grantham Hospital’s Diabetic Clinic amount to £404 to date.