Obituary: Mrs Eunice Tayton

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Mrs Eunice Tayton, of High Street, Great Gonerby, has died in Grantham Hospital. She was 91.

The daughter of George and Emily Phillips, she was born at the Durham Ox, Wharf Road, Grantham, where her father was the landlord.

In 1927 the family moved to the Poplars, Great Gonerby (now 23 High Street). Her father had a job in Newark as a wood turner. The family had an extension built on to the house and set up a general store.

Mrs Tayton’s first job was working in a small shop on Bridge End Road, Grantham.

Later she worked at Grantham Post Office, where she would sort the letters. Later she moved to the front counter and remained there until the men who had been away on war service returned. She then became a telephonist.

She also helped out in the general shop her parents and aunt had set up.

Mrs Tayton like gardening, holidays, travelling the British Isles and cooking. She was also interested in growing orchids.

In later life she joined Gonerby Hill Foot Women’s Institute and loved all their activities.

She was a lovely wife who will be sadly missed.

The funeral service was held at St Sebastian’s Church, Great Gonerby, conducted by Robert Holland. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Gordon Tayton, Keith Meadows, Sue Gibson, Andrew Phillips, Paula Izod, Joesey Phillips, Ann Rawson, and Cliff Rawson.

Other mourners included: Pat and Nev Marris, Reg Sentance, Graham and Janet Burton, Rose Smith, Brian Stubley, Ann Bellamy, Jean Ellerby, Doreen Godson, Monica Adcock, Linda and David Skinner, Sandra Wells, Jennifer Sneesby, Tricia Browne, Peter Chamberlain, Shirley Cartwright, John Pearson, Derick Hill, Mary and Melvyn Bowden, Linda and Clive Pexton, Abi Williamson, Tracy Fowler, Jayne and Leslie Hill, Jackie Birch, Valerie Milne, Jeff and Janet Thompson, Joyce and Ivan Money, Mrs L. Holland, Geoff Gibson, Margaret Bilton, Margaret Hamilton, Jean Childs, Richard, Pat and Lynne Graves, Roger Booth, Kate Booth, Betty Booth, Elizabeth Bowen, Joan Giles, Pamela Patchett, Alan Thompson, Vivienne Smith, Helen Willey, Alan Bond, Lyn Brooks, Peter Giles, Evelyn Richardson, Pat and Roy Vinter, Elsie Gibson, Jessica Hill, Lawrence and Ann Blankley, Mr and Mrs Robinson, Edna Graves, Ian Graves, Rosemary Ross, Mr and Mrs J. Gibson, Jane Roe, Ray Thompson, John and Jenny Twycross, Irene Webb, Anne and Mick Durrands, Michael and Judy Massingham, Elizabeth Knipe, Lindsey White, Sandra Armstrong, (Gonerby Hill Foot WI), Mrs Le-Hair, Netta and Rod Bonshor, Maggie Whelan, Carolyn Turner, Alice Setchfield, Margaret Fisk, Moira Boyle, Joyce Wheleham, Mick Spencer, John and Vera Callow, Avice and George Kemshell, Iris Robinson, Dean Phillips, Leandra Fairweather, Jane Warren, Graham Harrison, Penny Jackson, Rodney Beck, Bev Hanna, Mike Gordon, Jane Norris, Sylvia Buxton, Dean Dwyer, Julie Brittain, and Michael Bailey.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Breathe Easy Grantham.