Obituary: Mrs Fay Irene Close

Mrs Fay Irene Close
Mrs Fay Irene Close
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Mrs Fay Irene Close, of Chandos House, Gorse Road, Grantham, has died there. She was 89.

Born in Jhansi, India in November, 1924, she was the youngest daughter of Richard and Irene Martin.

She lived in India until 1948.

She met and married John Close while working at the Army camp in Jhansi. They married in 1947 and came to England in 1948. For a period of time the couple lived with her in-laws, before being allocated a house in Alma Park, Grantham, later moving to Kipling Close and then to the Manthorpe estate.

Mrs Close is predeceased by her husband and son Richard. She leaves her daughter Sandra and grandchildren Claire and Richard.

Her interests included socialising with her neighbours, music and television, particularly the soaps.

Mrs Close was well known for her love of children and always enjoyed seeing her neighbours’ children playing together in the street.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by J. Rowley.

Family mourners included: Sandra and Michael Armstrong, Claire and Mark Berry, Richard Armstrong, Mr and Mrs R. Close, and June and Peter Fawcett.

Other mourners included: Jenny Twycross, Irene Webb, Casia Galvin, Val Taylor (Chandos House), Betty Rouse, Tina Eldred, Geoffrey Close, Marguerite Close, Vivien Charlesworth, Monika Johnson, John and Dorothy Plowright, Alan and Jenny Walsh, David Foster, Mrs Monro, Mr G. Abbott, Mr and Mrs Parker, Michelle Parnell, Ann and Peter Hoyes and Stephen and Alyson Spick.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the Residents’ Fund at Chandos House.