Obituary: Mrs Georgina Ann Joan Ward

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Mrs Georgina Ann Joan Ward (Gina) of Gresley Court, Grantham, has died in Grantham Hospital. She was 67.

Born in Hackney, London, she was the daughter of the late George and Dorothy Murphy and younger sister to Pat and Bill.

She is survived by her brother Bill.

She married young and started a family, moving to Grantham in the late 1960s. She was a devoted mother to her five children, Marvin, Shane, Cheryl, little Gina and Karl. After the breakdown of her marriage she lived for her children.

In 1980 she found true happiness and love with her future partner Moe, setting up home in Grantham. They took their civil partnership in 2005.

As the family grew up and took their own paths, Mrs Ward was gifted with 22 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.

She had various jobs before settling at PAS for the remainder of her working life. She was a hard worker and was highly respected by all at PAS.

For her 60th birthday she fulfilled her lifelong ambition as a devoted Elvis fan, when she and Moe visited Graceland, the home of Elvis in Memphis, Tennessee. The highlight of her visit was visiting his grave.

The couple bought a static caravan at Chapel St Leonards, where they would spend many happy times with family and friends and her beloved Westie, Reba.

Her other interests were music, crocheting, walking her dog, dining out and taking holidays.

The funeral service was held at St Anne’s Church, Grantham, conducted by the Rev Janet Rogers. Burial followed in Grantham cemetery.

Family mourners included: Moe Pattison, Marvin Ward and Dawn, Shane Ward and Nina Christian and Molly Meade, Cheryl Ward and Charlie Gray, Gina and Karen Carr, Karl and Sarah Ward, Simon and Rachel Pattison and Jack Palin, Scott Pattison and Tasmin Baines, Keith Pattison, and Peter Pattison.

Other mourners included: Lois Ward, Kimberly Emmerson Ward, Kristian Emerson Ward, Claude Emmerson Ward, Gary Smyth, Paul Murphy, Bill Murphy, Adam Johnson, Jean and Michael Varley, Fred Varley, Lyn Tompkins, Sharon Wintin, Kieren Sutton, Kyle Sutton, Louise Ward, Stephen Johnson, Geordie and Ashley Roberts, Trevor Fox, Debbie Walsh, Tracy Edwards, Gina Wainwright, Lesley Drury, Wendy Sylvester, Margaret Twigg, Eddie Barker, Mr and Mrs Parke, Joanne Weake, Dawn Rawlinson, Laura, Aaron and Jordan Willetts, Colleen Brennen, Sue Berridge, Kate and Lee Askew, Martin and Carol Foster, Marie Sparks, Danielle and Jemma Jenkins, Mr and Mrs Ward, Tara Thomas and Harry Page, Mr and Mrs Loosemore, Mr and Mrs A. Coldron, Mrs S. Pugh, Mr J. M. Lindsay, Lauren Credland, Sharran Fahey, Sarah Hanson, Jess Musson, Steve Hare, Trina Drake, Jo Pattison, Michelle Wright, John and Marie Pattison, Alan and Joy Mallow, Martin and Caroline Smoth, Jean Toseland, Jean Deakin, Michelle Watson, Dean Deakin, Shirley and Tim Morton, Tony and June Harvey, Mr and Mrs Corcoran, Angela Virden, Tammy Jackson, Ros and Andy Hall, Rowena Bowers, Sharna Bullimore, Tony Kaptein, Tommy Williamson, Denis Key, Mr and Mrs Squires, Jayne Walsh, Lois Ward, Simon Mayes, John Martin, Chris Wainwright, Julie Wainwright, Andrew Sutton, Pat Wintin, Anthony Willetts, John and Pat Hunt, Michelle Misiak, Betty Edwards, Carla Ward, Michelle Sandy, Sean Trice, Chris Carr, James Ireland, Adrian Smart, Emma Pattison, Jim and Joanne Gourlay, Maz Yates, Audrey Dodwell, Yvonne Yates, Stephen Copping, Steven Copping, Bernard Hare, Stella Clare, Julie Harrison, Sammy Greensmith, Maxine Harrison, Jim McGurk, Roger Johnson, Shane and Kate Page, Jason Page, Marvin Ward jnr, Sarah Page, Julie Morley, Jade Morley, Pearl Page, Dick Pridding, Ethel Brown, Emmeline Hall, Jenny Hall, Susan Shelton, Mr and Mrs Sayani, Tony Baxter, Mandy Bennett, Roger and Cheryl Dickinson, Carol Hadlow, Linda Smith, Dean Aspland, Richard Nauyokas, Clare Ahrens, Lorraine Degnan, Lisa Worth, Eleanor McIntyre, Tracey Clayton, Karla Woods, Kim Rogers, Debbie Rogers, Tim Atter, Natasha Atter, Tony and Angela Daniele, Ann-Marie Daniele Rhianna Ward, David and Alice Varley, Mary Down, Pat Turner, Courtney Grant and Dieter Drechsler.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.