Obituary: Mrs Grace Potts

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Mrs Grace Potts, of The Meadows, Long Bennington, has died in City Hospital, Nottingham. She was 83.

She was born in Balderton, Newark, the second youngest child in her family of five sisters and one brother.

She left school at the age of 14 and worked at Mumby’s until her marriage to Bob aged 23.

She met Bob as he cycled to work in Newark.

Her husband predeceased her and she leaves four sons, Clive, Michael, Brian and Richard, 10 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.

Mrs Potts loved reading and knitting and liked cooking and good food.

The funeral service was held at St Swithun’s Church, Long Bennington, conducted by the Rev Harriet Orridge. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Clive Potts, Michael Potts, Brian Potts, Richard Potts, Elaine Potts, Tara Pacey, Sharon Potts, Rebecca Potts, Rebecca Grant, Michael Potts Jnr, Matthew Grant, Katie Grant, Adam Potts, Ben Potts, Thomas Potts, James Potts, Kerry Potts, Harry Potts, Joyce Pearce, Peter Pearce, Tim Pearce, Ann Nelson, Paula Pearce, David Britt, Olive Thurlby, Roy Gresswell, and Roger Gresswell.

Other mourners included: Diane Baggaley, Necia Redfern, Ellen Hopkinson, Janet Hopkinson, Jean Hopkinson, Mick and Anne Beale, Jean Spicer, David Spicer, Tom and Patricia Walker, Joy Brunning, Stacey Goodwin, Ann and Dennis Andrews, Bill and Val Cragg, Richard Nelson, Hayley Nelson, Anne Nelson, Sheila Cheesebrough, Marlene Edwards, Jean Bowes, Stephen Handley, Violet Handley, Dorothy Scott, Joan Ross, Dorothy Ball, Valerie Richardson, Derek and Joyce Ablewhite, Pearl Farmer, Jack and family Lawniczak, Michael McKeegan, Paul Bennett, Ms V. Luckhurst, Mr P. Luckhurst, Peter and Mecca Fenton, Richard Hart, Sarah Baggaley, Ian Spicer, D. Bishop, Anne Quinn, Sarah King, Stephanie King, Beryl Winter, John Story, Bernard and Pauline Maddy, Tim and Paula Pearce, Sylvia Hallam, Peter Elner, Pat Mitchell, Cynthia and Derek Mann, Lindsey Dowson, Marlene Noquet, Shirley Prince, Kevin Symons, Joyce Bainbridge, Elaine Marrison, Rosemary Foreman, Stella Hardwick, Alan and Mary Tivey, Robert and Patricia Wall, Ted Pykett, Joyce and Peter Pearce, Diane Cross, Wyn Oram, Alison Prothero, Ann Howell, Jenny Noquet, Linda Noquet, Margaret Brewer, Joyce Beedham, Christine Jordan, Mr and Mrs Fearn, Martine, John and Aimee Culpin, Roy Gresswell, Roger Gresswell, Hazel and Richard Tebb, Liam and Chloe Pacey, Suzanne Hartle, Joan Lane, Mr and Mrs W. Allen, Stephen Fenton, Paul Fenton, Graham Spicer, June Eckford, Sheila Ablewhite, Alan and Sally Johnson, Harry and Jenny Britton, Helen Segarty, Chris and Jill Smith, Mr and Mrs Hobby, John Elner, Phillip Allen, Mark Snowden, Anthony Jacobs, Mark Beale, Antony Mitchell, Angela Miller, Olive Thurlby, Dave Britt, Tara Pacey, Jenny McCallum, and Donna Gray.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for Long Bennington Medical Centre amount to £366.83 to date.