Obituary: Mrs Hazel Mary Tebb

Hazel Tebb, of Long Bennington, who has died aged 83.
Hazel Tebb, of Long Bennington, who has died aged 83.
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Mrs Hazel Mary Tebb, of Westborough Lane, Long Bennington, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. She was 83.

Born in Marston on November 21, 1930, she was one of three children born to Florence and Walter Culpin.

In 1950 she married Tom Tebb and they moved to Long Bennington in 1953. The couple had one son, Richard.

Mrs Tebb worked at Freeman Brown’s bakery shop until 1966. She then worked at the Royal Oak public house until 1992.

Her husband suffered a major stroke in 1976. With Dr Baumber (the then Long Bennington GP) Mrs Tebb founded the Grantham Stroke Club, where she was a conscientous fundraiser for over 30 years. Mrs Tebb was also an ardent collector for numerous charities, especially the British Legion, having sold poppies for over 30 years.

In 2008 she was awarded the Lincolnshire County Council Citizen of the Year, for her selflessness and dedication to the needs of others.

The Rev Stella Langdon-Davies conducted the funeral service at St Swithun’s Church, Long Bennington. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Richard Tebb, Ann, Denise and Diane Andrews, Cherie and Clark Finlay, John Culpin, and John and Maggie Culpin.

Other mourners included: Alan and Mary Tivey, Jillian Oakham, Bob Oakham, Pearl Farmer, Anne Mackender, Mr and Mrs D. Digby, Christine Jordan, Tony and Barbara Young, John and Pam Rees, Cynthia Mann, Rebecca Potts, Win Oram, Primrose Matthews, Julia Wroe, Dave and Pat Clarke, Ann Swarbrick, Pat and Malcolm Fyer, Judith Sprawson, Tony Scrimshaw, Val Wollerton, Pam Marris, Peter Bradley, Michael Dring, Marjorie and John Pulfrey, Mr and Mrs Worth, Mr and Mrs S. Bailey, Jeremy Chapman, Margaret Butcher, Richard and Jayne Dring, Walter Hughes, John Abbott, Margaret Johnson, Gillian Clayton, Monica Winters, Joy Jordan, Jean Spicer, Audrey Middleditch, Geoff Middleditch, Dorothy Ball, Barbara Brown, Donatia Vincent, Jim Vincent, Edwin Crow, Barbara Pearson, Stan Southern, Pat Southern, Susan Walker, Vincent Walker, Murray Arnold, Mavis Arnold, William Arnold, Lucy Robertson, Simon Robertson, Martin Gray, Jo Gray, Ann Howell, Catherine Howell, Shaun Howell, Ray Alverton, Andrew Blanchard, Doreen Overington, Keith Robertshaw, Robert Curry, Jenny Walton, Danny Bambury (Royal British Legion), Evelyn Bale (Long Bennington Parish Council), Donny and Hazel Hughes, George and Mary Dring, Hilda and Phil Owen, Elaine Marrison, Joyce Beedham, Joan Ross, Brian Read, Alan and Vera Jones, John Storey, Margaret and Alan Thornton, Bob and Shirley Scott, Pat Mitchell, Sylvia Hallam, Freda and Gordon Barnes, Sybil Howard, Pat Crozier, Val Pearson, Doris Wright, Dick Storey, John Scrimshire, Joan and John Parker, John Morris, Victor Kerr, Gillian Kerr, Margaret Brewer, Dorothy Scott, Reg Fox, Glynis Hall, Emma Esam, Christine Hudson, Jean Higgs, Beryl Winter (Siennas News), Mr and Mrs G. Fearn (Long Bennington Parish Council), Peter Elner, Jacky Elvy (Grantham Stroke Club), Jean Bowes, Sheila Ablewhite, John Elner, Russell Winter, Desmond Walker, Brian Potts, Angela Miller, Anthony Jacobs (The Royal Oak), John and Michelle Aspland, Heather Sheardown, Martin Gledhill, Mr Hampson, Joe and Sarah Thompson, Beaty Dawson, Barry Philpotts, Elizabeth Tinns, Sylvia Mart, Ann Gibson, Rex and Pat Pearson, and Madge Slater.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Grantham Stroke Club and the Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance.