Obituary: Mrs J. Acres

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Mrs Joan Acres, of St Edmunds Nursing Home, Worcester Road, Grantham, has died there. She was 89.

Born in Sheffield, she was the eldest of three children.

She met her husband, Bill, during the Second World War and settled in Hertfordshire.

She is the mother of June and Clive, grandmother of Robert, Elizabeth and Paul and great-grandmother of Oliver, Charlie and Ruby.

In 1985 she and her husband retired to Grantham, where they settled in happily in their new home.

After war time work she became a mother and housewife.

Her greatest love was her family. She also enjoyed gardening, day excursions and holidays, puzzle books and crossword puzzles.

Robert Holland conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: June and Keith Noble, Clive and Sue Acres, Robert Noble, Elizabeth Brendon, Oliver Brendon, Charlie Brendon, Paul Acres, Lisa Wilson and Ruby Acres.

Other mourners included: Sue and Brian Metzner, Colin and Dot Arnold, Peter and Brenda Acres, Chris Millward, Trevor Butler, Vena and Grant Brendon, Dominic Brendon, Barry and Pam Bennett, Mr Wade, Mrs M. Wade, Val Andrews, Mr and Mrs Acres, Diane Foley, Catia Goncalves, Sue and Harry Larkin, Elsie White, Bo and David Clayton, Sally White, Liz Woolley, Chloe Wells, Megan Hudson, Mr Cawson, Ann Bennett, George Hare, Grace and Brian Martin, Dawn Williamson, Karen Jackson, Gill Rollings, Mr and Mrs D. Bridges, Mr and Mrs J. Bridges, Jill Bridges, Stephen Bridges and Kate Bridges.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for St Barnabas Hospice, Grantham and St Edmunds Residents Fund amount to £424 to date.