Obituary: Mrs J. M. E. Hardy

Obituary: Joan Hardy
Obituary: Joan Hardy
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Mrs Joan Marguerite Emma Hardy, of Premier Court, Grantham, has died at home. She was 91.

Born in Grantham, she was the only daughter o fMr and Mrs Walter Meadows.

She attended St Anne’s School in Grantham, from 1926 to 1932, followed by Spitalgate Girls’ School until 1935.

In January 1942 she married Oliver Hardy, and they had 69 years of very happy marriage, until his death in June 2011.

Her first employment was as a housemaid/cook for a Mrs Downs on Barrowby Road. Later she moved to Mrs Woolfendale, a chiropodist, as a receptionist/cook.

She then operated a turning lathe and later inspected engineering parts at a subsidiary of BMARC in Belton Lane. For a short time she also worked at Kontak.

After the Second World War she returned to BMARC on final inspection and later became secretary to the chief inspector. She remained there until her retirement in June 1981, having completed 33 years.

Mrs Hardy enjoyed socialising with her friends and family, knitting, gardening and going on Dunkirk pilgrimages and foreign holidays.

Canon Christopher Andrews conducted the funeral service at St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham, followed by cremation at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Mrs M. Potter, Lt I. Potter, Ruth Potter, Neil Thompson Potter, Jayne Thompson Potter, Mr and Mrs D. English and Mrs R. Brown.

Other mourners included: Vic and Janet Bachelor, Anthony and Dee Bachelor, James Bachelor, Chris and Jenny Bachelor, Rebecca and Ellie Bachelor, Peter Armstrong, Pamela Armstrong, Marina Bland, Gary Meadows, Barry Morley, Janet Morley, Georgina Betts, Mrs J. Gibbard, Mr and Mrs Mildinhall, Miss W. Barnes, Pam Wakerley, Alan Naylor, Gordon Paul, Susan Paul, Mike and Marilyn Bacon, Margaret Fowler, Mr D. Cunnington, Brian and Margaret Hallam, Mr and Mrs M. W. Green, Mr and Mrs Cody, Mrs Southwell, Ken and Ruth Bryan, Christine Cooper, Gisela Beauchamp, Wendy Dwyer, Elsie Rowey, Sandra Brandon, Mrs Topley, Mrs Daniele, Freda Dixon, Ken and Joan Bramley, Eddie Compton, Ron and Judy Rawson, Debbie Pulfrey, Liz Fletcher, Mr and Mrs M. E. Mallett, June Tuxworth, Chris and Elena Pettit, Carl Hanson, Norman and Beryl Nicholson, Sarah Ellis, Roger and Anne Blakeman, Melvin Dobbs and Virginia Hutton.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham. Donations were received for the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.