Obituary: Mrs J. M. Fardell

Obituary: Mrs J. M. Fardell
Obituary: Mrs J. M. Fardell
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Mrs Jean Mary Fardell, of Queensway, Grantham, has died at home. She was 74.

Mrs Fardell was born in Grantham in 1938, the daughter of Alf and Dot Woodward and the youngest of three children. She was sister to Jack (deceased) and Robert.

Married to David, she was mum to Kim, Dean, Lee and Lisa, mother-in-law to Heather, Michelle, Nicola and Mark, grandma to Heidi, Kristen, Roxanne, Chloe, Ellie, Myles, Callum, Scarlet, Darcey and Naomi (deceased) and great-grandma to Oscar, Ellis and Sonnie.

Mrs Fardell was educated at the Girls’ Central School.

She worked at Brown and Webbs, the council offices, and in the retail trade.

Her interests included decorating, sewing, spending time with her family and her girlfriends.

The funeral service was held at St John’s Church, Grantham, conducted by the Rev David Shenton. Cremation followed.

Family mourners included: David Fardell, Kim Fardell, Dean Fardell, Lee Fardell, Lisa Freestone, Heather Fardell, Michelle Fardell, Nicola Fardell, Mark Freestone, Heidi Fardell, Kristen Fardell, Roxanne Fardell, Chloe Fardell, Ellie Fardell, Myles Rees, Callum Fardell, Sonnie Fardell, Oliver Bucroft, Hannah McCulloch, Martin Freestone, Elliot Freestone, Laura McCarthy, Katie Dolby. Absent mourners were Scarlet Freestone and Darcey McCulloch.

Other mourners included: Tony and Paul Lacey, Sandra Mullin, Cheryl Railton-Langton, Steve Langton, Tony and Zena Bradley, Dennis and Ann Pinchbeck, Mr and Mrs Freestone, Jean and Harry Smith, Mark and Karen Symonds, Frank and Sylvia Symonds, Trish Magill, Kerry Magill, Rod Magill, Frank Scott, Liz and Paul Simpson, Julie Perry, Maggie Black, Mandy Hardy, Ian and Janet Nicholson, David Foster, Rob Carey, Mike Carey, Chelsea Clarke, Mr and Mrs T. Carey, Val Burrows, Lynnie Davison, Ben Benbow, Heather Brown, Roger Croft, Mark Hodgkinson, Carole Williamson, Nick Pacey, Mark Bellamy, Norma Fardell, Steve Weatherstone, Mandy Weatherstone, F. Templeton, T. Davies, Mrs M. Smith, Stella Parker, John Parker, Jean Abbott, Brian Dixon, Mark and Caroline Gregory, Amy Gregory, Tracy Kelly, Mark Henson, Mrs L. G. Holland, Mrs J. Toseland, Mr J. Toseland, Keith Davison, Nick Tidy, Frank Boyle, Liam Burke, Sarah Smith, Linda Ferguson, Tracy Anderson, Clare Sheppard, Rita Smith, Raymond Toon, Dick Pridding, Pauline Coverley, John and Margaret Hunter, Debbie Copeland, Kev Gooch, Debbie Gooch, Janet Chappell, Mr and Mrs Knight, Sue Allen, Irene Boulter, Kate Mitchell, Elaine Short, Linda Smith, Barry Toon, Mr and Mrs Patterson, Mr and Mrs A. Taylor, Mandy Taylor, Richard Guest, Jim and Janice Abbott, Terry and Vicky Bond, Mr and Mrs Bartram, Zoe Gilbert, Anne Thornton, Maureen Oliver, Mr and Mrs Jackson, Sandra Lawson, Mrs Storey, Yvonne Godson, Charles Smith, Heather and Tony Winfield, Sue Redmile, Alan and Margaret Newton, Owen Woodward and partner, Gena Woodward, Paul Woodward, Mr and Mrs Woodward, Michael Woodward, Marion Abbott, Judith Hobbs, Mavis Denton, Linda Geeson, Pam Saunders, Karen Tinkler, Heather Tinkler, Jackie Flack, Melvin Dobbs, Ray Benton, Mrs Taylor, Sally McMullan, John Norris, Brian Duller, Ada and Jim Parker, Mavis and Richard Fardell, Bob Gardner, Trevor and Carole Leeson, Colin and Cynthia Rump, Andrew Mayfield, Mr and Mrs Bass, Jane Kistruck, Monica Johnson, Barry Grundy, Gayle Kimmings, Ann Price, Keily Harvey, Dawn Gray, John Oakes, David Vickers, Maureen and Geoff Caunt, Andy Wallace, Danny Smith, Doreen Watson, Sheila Eales, Julie Kerr, Tracey Normington, John and Audrey Little, Nicola Faye, Mark and Sue Garton, Mr and Mrs Clarke, Maureen Newcombe, Steve Fardell, Keith Carter, Debbie Rogers, Michelle Ball, Joan Burroll, Gill Casey, Nancy Ellerby, Margaret Lemon, Mr and Mrs Stevens, Simon Parnaby, Natasha Cottingham, Sarah Gowen, Bob and Di Storey, Charlie Green, Paul Clarke, Paul Henson, Steven Horner, David Philpotts, Colin Holloway, Lenny Frankish, Darren Oakes, Louise Brown, Steve Brown, Andrea Philpotts, Thomas and Julie McGowan, Gina Kelly, Lisa Gibson, Freda Hill, Glenis Bellamy, Joan Winfield, Mark Fardell, Phylis Alan, Gemma Parker, Karen and Lema Headworth and Lorraine Legett,

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Macmillan Cancer Support, Marie Curie Cancer Care and St Barnabas Hospice.