Obituary: Mrs J. Mercer

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Mrs June Mercer, of Barley Croft Road, Corby Glen, has died at home. She was 78.

Born in Grantham, she was the daughter of the late Gordon Drake and Dorothy Freestone.

She was the loving mother of Lorraine, Jane, David, Martyn, James, Raymond and Sharon.

Mrs Mercer had worked at both PAS and Christian Salvesen.

She enjoyed spending time with her family, grandchildren and many friends.

Fr David Pickett conducted the funeral service at St John’s Church, Corby Glen. Burial followed.

Family mourners included: Sharon and Simon Harwood, William and Helen Mercer, Jack and Keir Sandall, Lorraine and Jon Love, Emma and Kevin Slight, Amy and Scott Hand, Russell and Serena Love, Martin and Rita Bibby, Terence and Lueen, James and Helen Bibby, Christopher Bibby and Jaz Gilbert, Hollie Bibby and Matt Fisher, Raymond Mercer and Jackie Dempster, Sam Mercer and Kelly Lock, Michael Mercer, Barry Powells, Anne and Francis Hill, Regan and William Spicer, Carol Chapman, Teresa Jaques and Andy Hardy, Liam and Rachael Jaques, Lewis Jaques and Katie Fudge, Reece Jaques, Lyndsey Hollingworth, Steven Wright, Jordan and Emily Bibby, Jessica Bibby and Ben Broad, Daniel and Charlotte Bibby, Louisa Bibby, Oliver Bibby, Brian Mercer, Colin and Christine Mercer, Bradley Mercer, Melissa Mercer, Mark and Katie Pridding, Scott Woodall, Stuart and Petra McCabe and Angela Snell.

Other mourners included: Bob Aitman, Victoria Pridding, Shaun Simpson, Julie Scott, Annette Dray, Chris and Ted Smith, Mr Sandall, Rachel Oliver, Jack Oliver, Donna Brown, Kala Brown, Sasha Wire, Rosy Wire, Jamie Firth, John Firth, Gavin Wood, Ann Surtees, Shaun Keys, Karen Borrington, Mark Lambing, Richard Roach, Barry Brooks, Sally Mathews, Mr and Mrs M. J. Bland, Ernest Davey, Richard Allitt, Richard Joyce, Pat Wright, Ann Monk, Rebecca Baxter, Mervyn and Pearl Stimpson, Clare and Martin Dexter, Mrs Holland, Mrs Firth, Siobhan Firth, John and Nancy Simpson, Catherine Ayliff, Lou Ayliff, Mr and Mrs D. Fowler, Vikki Lyon, Brian and Sandra Johnson, Cilla Musson, Stephen Odams, Debbie Odams, John Love, Peter Coverley, Mrs Greetham, Miss Greetham, Allan Bontoft, Andrea Day, Neil Manning, Barbara and Brian Pick, Brian Short, Tony Hanley, Mr and Mrs D. J. McCallum, Ian Hollingsworth, Melanie Powles, Judy Joyce, Audrey Lamming, Lisa Johnson, Judith Wilkinson, Jess Wilkinson, Stuart Anderson, Tony Joyce, George and Ethel Brown, Neil Brown, Mr and Mrs Sandall and family, Pam and Sarah Lawrence, Jo and Rob Bains, Susan Peasgood, Sue Aitman, Dominic and Noreen Harris, Michael and Margaret Lyon, Sandra Mullin, Regan Willett, Jean Drake, John Drake, Lionel and Jane Footitt, Pam Smith, Sue Fowler and Norah Gregg, Mr and Mrs Ison, Madonna Lopez, Malc Jacques, Melvyn and Jackie Drake, David Drake Jnr, Michaela Brown, Tim and Gill Harwood, Andy Harwood, Sandra Palmer, Ray Hurt and Sharon Hurt, Maisie Hurt, Janette Hall, Fiona Still, Barb Prior, Mary Elder and Dr Elder, Gemma Kiely, Bridgette Kiely, Gail Jobson, Abby Withers, Neil and Peter Coverley, the Rev Margaret Barton and Barry Barton, Joanne Colsy, John Treece, Mr and Mrs Lister, and Vinnie.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.