Obituary: Mrs Janet Charlotte Phelan

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Mrs Janet Charlotte Phelan, of Lodge Way, Grantham, has died in Pilgrim Hospital, Boston. She was 64.

Born in Marston, she was the daughter of Horst and Edna Lange. Her father was born in Germany and her mother was born in Fulbeck.

She had worked for Univer Manufacturing Company in Bradford.

Mrs Phelan had also worked in Ludwicksburg, Germany; Coleraine, Northern Ireland; France, and Hanover, Germany.

She had worked at the King’s School, Grantham for 35 years.

Her interests included travelling, reading, hockey and music.

The funeral service was held at St Wulfram’s Church, Grantham, conducted by Fr Stuart Cradduck. Cremation followed.

Other than the immediate family, mourners included:

John McCormick, Derek Lee, Milly Crews, Ursula Brown, Dale Hardy, Pete and Gerry Brister, June Bennett, Alan Green, David Brown, Pepi Halliday, Alfred and Penny Grosset, Robin Johnson, Eileen Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Fay Johnson, Irene and Graham Shorrock, Margaret Taylor, Cara White, Pam Gibson, Angus Shaw, Susanne Fletcher, Margaret Jewitt, John and Judith Fitzherbert, Peter Flood, Elizabeth Allison, Deirdre Pickup, Veronica Wheeler, Maureen O’Sullivan, Nigel, Fiona and Lucy G, Megan Illingworth, David King, Helen King, Richard and Margaret Lord, Andrew Kelly, Kay Kelley, Paul and Carol Roper, Pauline and Bernard Maddy, Andrew and Rachel Maddy, Gerry and Ann King, Martin and Sue Elbrow, Prof Ken Durrands, Thomas Pert, Maureen Pearl, David and Ruth Crook, Ron and Paul Kettle, David and Janet Gregory, Joanne Dickenson, Simone Bieber, Ray Thompson, Frank Hedley, Stephen Cousins, Bill Ellis, Louise Wood, Lisa Topham, Gill Smith, Miles Secker, Raymond and Lucille Chesterton, Carl and Patricia Temple-Fielder, Shirley and Bob Scott, June Clough, Billy Mills, Simon Tall (King’s School staff), Dr and Mrs Allan Farming, Andy Watts, John and Betty Sharpe, Rosemary Coaten, Carolyne Stone, Pat Parmer, Gerald and Jenny Dyer (former deputy head, King’s School), Chris Cumbers (former colleague), Colette Martin (assistant head, King’s School), Su Orrey (King’s School), Paul Ross (chairman, board governors, King’s School), Peter Kirkbride, Bindi Brook, Jacky Smith, Carol Barker, Sally King, Linda Retberg, Richard and Jenny Liversidge, Richard Wilk, Roy Conder, John and Margaret Hunter, Dr Malcolm Hewitson, Jennifer Hewitson, Richard Stober, John and Anne Hill (Caythorpe IWU), David Fidler (Caythorpe IWU), Barrie Duckmanton, Mr and Mrs T. Oliver, Mr Caulfield, Steven Brook, Bijal Ladva, Shirley Wyles, Hayley Chambers, Cassie Cole, Janet and David Armes, Cybil Howard, Mr Valerio, Joe Vaughan, David Vaughan, Helen Vaughan, Millie Vaughan, Laura Howarth, Simon Howarth, Nick Law, Elizabeth and Courtney Finn, Mrs Hanley, Rod Hatherill, David and Linda George, Kathy Daszkiewicz, Nigel Barton, Alison Cunningham, Tina Roberts, Bjoern Finke, Simon Nicholls, Otto Acs, Kieran Lee, Diane Denn, Carmel and Bob Cavernor, Suzanne Hutchins, Barry Smith, Jo Snee, Cindy Hughes, John Newman, and Robert Wickes.