Obituary: Mrs M. A. Stokes

Mrs M. A. Stokes
Mrs M. A. Stokes
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Mrs Margaret Stokes, of Wroxall Drive, Grantham, has died in Lincoln Hospital, aged 60.

Born in Allington, youngest daughter of the late Tom and Florence Bamford, Mrs Stokes moved to Grantham as a teenager. After leaving school, she worked for Woolworth’s, a bridal factory and, finally, at Home Bargains. She leaves her husband and two sons, Richard and Paul.

Family mourners included: W Stokes, Richard and Suzanne Stokes, Paul and Laura Stokes, Maureen Stokes, Jane Stokes, Carla Stokes, Georgia Burley, Rachel Burley, Paula Newton, L Stokes, Colin and Alison Atter, Brian and Gloria Caudwell, Michelle and Simon Caudwell, Amanda and Sheamus Logan, James Stokes, Pauline and David Campbell, Mark and Kim Barnard, Vicky and Clint Newton, Anthony Lorne, Julie Lorne, Margaret Stansfield, Kathleen Atter, E Bramford, David Bramford, Graham and Brenda Towning, Keith and Sallyann Dickinson, Gary, Jane and Ellie Newton.

Other mourners included: Tracy Bryan, Christine Mills, Ros Hal, Jack Mills, A Boyer, Leanne Lees, Kimberley Woods, Danella Kellett, Mel Jackson, Kathy Toulson, Laura Toomey, Becky Parker, Jo Neary, Ryan Lord, Tammy Jackson, Mr and Mrs Atter, C Grey, Angela Newton, N West, J Goulsboro, Daniel Barker, Suzy Lee, Su Fowler, Jayne Porter, Barbara Armstrong, Cyril and Rose Gutteridge, Adam Lewin, Linda Curry, Joanne Muxlow, Kevin Supple, Mrs Goodge, D Brown, Stacy Brown, Mr and Mrs P McBridge, Jade Barratt, Jackie Kilgallon, Deborah Bidwell, Neil Smith, Melvin Woods, Joan Cliffe, Kim McKeown, Peter Townsend, Jill McAndrew, Ann Welbourne, Simon Collins, Margaret and Robert Woodward, Mirrian and Kenneth Jackson, Pamela Wilcox, Laura Robertson, Harry Jones, E Fink, Rachele Hamilton, Christine Sale, Sheila Keeling and Dredra Swatton, Michelle Marton, Gary Duller, Kirsty Leonard, Zoe Davies, Michelle Whittington, Sam Paton and Sonia Chatburn.

Funeral arrangements were by Co-operative Funeralcare, Bridge End Road, Grantham.

Donations for Macmillan Nurses amount to £456.67 to date.