Obituary: Mrs M. J. Barnes

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Mrs Margaret Jean Barnes, of Winchester Road, Grantham, has died in St Edmunds Nursing Home, Worcester Road, Grantham. She was 55.

Born in North Weald, Essex, she was the daughter of David and Phyllis Dowding and one of five children.

Mrs Barnes was divorced. She leaves a son, Peter.

For 22 years she worked for Brooks Mayfield (of Nottingham), a firm of accountants. Prior to that she had worked for Philips Frith in Newquay.

Mrs Barnes was a Beaver Scout leader for over 10 years.

She helped out at Witham Wheelers Cycling Club and was made an honorary member for 2013.

The funeral service was held at Grantham Crematorium Chapel, conducted by the Rev Jacqueline Bell.

Family mourners included: Peter Barnes, Phyllis Dowding, Christine Morcom, John Morcom, Sarah Morcom, Nik Morcom, Malcolm Dowding, Simon Dowding, Pauline Retallick, Vernon Retallick, Rachel Reynolds, Nigel Reynolds, Kieran Reynolds and Elaine and Dennis.

Other mourners included: Rebekah Nicklin, Ken Thomson, Mary Thomson, Mr and Mrs M. Pickering, Mr M. Mayfield, Sarah Hayward, Andy Vickers, Christine Edwards, Gill and Simon Cocker, David Curry, William Oates, Andy Cosgriff, Matthew Pennifold, Rhi Clark, Debbie Weaversave, Jackie Cox, Jason Cox, Adrian Boghourst, Jenny Palmer, Pauline Read, Tracey Fairbrother, Robert, Jane and Sarah Isaac, Dave Borchard, Ros Arnold, Lawrence Willetts, Shelly and Jeremy Jones, Brian Mallett, Neal Sentence, Kim Paxton, Tony Mendham, Stan and Jan Parnham, Ann McNeish, Lillian and Bob Gardner, Mrs Thompson, Simon Stanley, Bob Brooks, Carol and Paul Rose, Helen Turner, Pauline Kirke, Jackie Lawton, Kelly Hilton, Beverley Leonard, Gary Pollard, Andrew Worrall, Terri Cannon, Sandra Whitcombe, Nigel Turner, Eileen Booth, Sally Dunlop, Sarah Harper, Becky Warren, Sally Picker, Henry Picker, Sandra Church, Ian Robbins, Bethan Nicklin, Heather and Lydia Nicklin, Chris Barnes, Sara Matherson, Gillian Arnold, Sue Newbatt, Michelle Rawlings, Sally Moulds and Chris Glencross.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for Macmillan Nurses and St Edmunds Nursing Home.