Obituary: Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Welberry

Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Welberry
Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Welberry
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Mrs Margaret Elizabeth Welberry (nee Graham), of Colster Way, Colsterworth, has died at home. She was 67.

She was born in Eastwell. Her father served in the Royal Air Force and the family moved around with his various postings. When she was a youngster, the family lived near Sandringham, Norfolk, for five years, before returning to the local area.

In 1970 she married Mick Welberry.

After leaving school she worked at Fine Fare in Melton Mowbray. She then went to work at BMARC in Grantham.

Mrs Welberry was a keen follower of the Belvoir Hunt.

The Rev Beverly Stark conducted the funeral service at St Mary Magdalene Church, Waltham-on-the-Wolds. Burial followed in the village cemetery.

Family mourners included: Mr D. Welberry, Mrs J. Graham, Miss N. Joynes, Mr G. Markham, Mr R. Markham, Mrs S. Jackson, Mr B. Jackson, Miss A. Jackson, Miss K. Jackson, Mrs M. Bainbridge, Mr J. Graham, Mr and Mrs C. Graham, Mr and Mrs R. Graham, Mr G. Graham, Mrs K. Tew, Miss P. Watson, Mr L. Palmer, Mr J. Palmer, Mr and Mrs W. Watson, Miss T. Graham, Mr P. Dunklay, Mrs B. Johnson, and Mr and Mrs P. Orridge.

Other mourners included: Mr and Mrs C. A. Wilcox, Mr and Mrs J. Patterson, Mr S. Patterson, Mrs S. Skelton, Mr and Mrs P. Perrin, Miss B. Taplin, Mrs D. Dexter, Miss P. Newton, Mrs L. Wallace, Mr and Mrs T. Richardson, Mr and Mrs S. Manchester, Mrs B. Felgate, Mr P. Selby, Mrs V. Smith, Mrs M. Maddison, Mr A. Footitt, Mrs M. Adams, Mr A. Welbourn, Miss D. Summers, Mrs W. Hemstock, Mrs K. Russell, Beck and Pen, Mr C. Buckberry, Miss M. Stannage, Mr and Mrs T. Finney, Mrs V. Darby, Mrs P. Young, Mr G. Smith, Mr T. Wright, Mrs J. Gardiner, Mrs P. Needham, Mrs M. Boylan, Mrs C. Mathews, Mr J. Mathews, Mr and Mrs R. Wakerley, Mrs S. Weldon, Mrs J. Cousins, Miss A. Marshall, Mr and Mrs F. Edwards, Mr and Mrs J. Grant, Mrs C. King, Mrs J. Meads, Miss A. Wagstaff, Bill Plant, Mrs J. Plant, Miss M. Taylor, Mrs C. Taylor, Lady Sarah McCorquodale (Belvoir Hunt), Miss C. Weston, Miss J. Spencer, Mr and Mrs D. Slack, Christine Graham, Wendy Thompson Holliday, Mr E. Plant, Miss V. Cairns, Mr P. Daryl, Mr and Mrs M. Greetham, Joanne Selby, Miss P. Littleworth, Mr S. Musgrove, Mr P. Richardson, Mr A. Skelton, Mr M. Partridge, Mr and Mrs R. Wilcox, and Mrs D. Langley.

Funeral arrangements were by Geesons Funeral Directors, Westgate, Grantham.

Donations for Cancer Research UK amount to £472 to date.