Obituary: Mrs Margaret Eveleigh

Mrs Margaret Eveleigh
Mrs Margaret Eveleigh
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Mrs Margaret Eveleigh (Mags), of Valley Road, Grantham, has died in Lincoln County Hospital. She was 64.

Born in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, she moved to the Grantham area with her family in the early 1950s.

She attended Hough on the Hill Primary School and went on to the Sir William Robertson Secondary School in Welbourn. In 1971 she married Roger. The couple became godparents to Ethan and Aydan Copeland.

After leaving school she worked at Marilyn’s Fashions in Watergate. In 1970 she joined the staff at Marks and Spencer in Grantham and remained there until taking retirement in 2004, when her godchildren were born.

Mrs Eveleigh then did weekend work at Downtown.

The Rev David Shenton conducted the funeral service at Grantham Crematorium Chapel.

Family mourners included: Michelle Capindale, David Capindale, Kathryn Toulson (Eveleigh), Colin and Judith Doughty, Alan and Elizabeth Eveleigh, Peter and Angela Eveleigh, Anthony Buff, Colin Buff, Adam Buff, Leigh Buff, Hannah Buff, Wendy Buff, Tracy Mackin, John Buff, Jane Louth, Richard Bailey, Mason Bailey, Carol Prime, Mary Buck, Jenny Buck, Paul Bailey, Eve Weston, Andrew and Steven Tyers, Kev Tyers, Sally Preston, George Craft, Hayley Craft, and Steve Copeland.

Other mourners included: Joyce Strutt, Tony and Ann Hind, Janet Harley, Chan Hubburt, Eileen Cogger, Mary Mason, Pam Sheehan, Anne Laxton, Julie Merchant, Julia Round, Sammi Lowther, Maxine Bradley, Leslie Bredan, Arthur Curtis, Wendy Kims, Doreen Turning, Jackie Cameran, Claire Doughty, Amanda Clapton, Hayley Chambers, Maureen Newcombe, Claire Weston, Wendy Nettleton, Kurtis Bailey, Mel and Jan Elgington, Doris and Ronnie Kent, Chris and Eric Wooley, Angela Parkin, Mrs Lambley, Natalie Bowen, Felicity Tyler, Margaret Ward, Kevin Ward, Amanda Irish, Annette Irish, Stephanie Bishop, Alan Coldron, Sharon Pugh, Jenny Bowman, Mr and Mrs Maslin, Elizabeth Binks, Susan Baxter, Reg and Sheila Marriot, Gary MacDonald, Lynn Slocombe, Earl Slocombe, Meg and Arthur Full, Jane Foley, Hilary Barker, Val Hutchinson, Glenis O’Connor, Gwendoline Williams, Frances and Charles McGuchin, Betty Rouse, Kath Gadd, Joan Cardus, Betty Selby, Sandra and Brian, Ann Holderness, Pat Church, Sheila Copeland, Carol Everett, John Everett, Ann Snowden, Liz Partridge, Lynn Duncan, Lynda and Martin Aspland, Mandy Pacey, Sheila Clark, Steve Lemmon, Niall Bradey, Marie Storey, Julie Chantry, Sandra Rosling, Christine Berman, Leanne Baker, Sue Joyce, Linda Beedham, Richard King, Jane Johnson, Valerie Smith, Carolyn Stone, Larry Larsen, Graham Tebbutt, Mr and Mrs G. Skerritt, Kim Tinson, Nicky Page, Tina Swain, Jenny Robinson, Silvia Blackburn, Katrina Blackburn, Dawn Churchman, Wendy Johnston, J. and E. K. Potterton, Chris Litscher, Mr and Mrs Knowles, Graham Miller, Owen McHugh, Peter Gill, John Lemmon, Stan Clough, Harold Hare, Lisa Pratt, Dawn Pulling, Emily Glover, Holly Wragg, Michelle Midgley, Sharon Turton, Colin Gibson, Mrs Buntin, Mrs Abraham, and Carol Abraham.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations were received for the British Heart Foundation.