Obituary: Mrs Peggy Peel

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Mrs Peggy Peel, of Harlaxton, has died in Grantham Hospital. She was 95.

The funeral service was held at St Mary and St Peter Church, Harlaxton, conducted by the Rev Keith Hanson and Sheila Finch. Cremation followed in Grantham.

Family mourners included: Susan Peters, Ann Wright, Julie Fitzjohn, Geoff Fitzjohn, Ida Taylor and Michael Taylor.

Other mourners included: Elizabeth Holmes, Jane Hodson, Anne and Norman Morris, Margaret Crombey, Julie Bennett, Sue Carr, Lynn Mudie, Sue Woollas, Elizabeth Allison, Lesley Devine, Linda Hanson, Didi Powles (Eastwell Church), Mr and Mrs De Heveningham, Eileen Skeith, Suzanne Howlett, Kate Allison, Margaret Ashley, Juliet Adamson, Chris and Gill Briggs, Rosemary Sleaford, Chris Curtis, Pat Thompson, Hazel Grinter, Christine Bruce (Mothers’ Union), Jil and Keith Hiley, Ron Bray, Adrianne Taylor, Corne and Cornelia Van Onselen, Mary Pateman, Graham Birtwistle, Carole and Geoff Harris, Jenny Twycross, Betty Madge, Janet Easey, Mr and Mrs G. Bell, Andrea Blackburn, Graham and Jenny Ross, Lesley Hart, Graham and Cynthia Bennett, Angela Higgs, Jill and Tom Sanders, Joyce Phillips, Debra Parker, Rebecca Hoyes, Sylvia Cranfield, Mr and Mrs J. B. Crane, Janet Hindmarch, Jenny Barnes (Eastwell Church), Jeff Finch, Mr and Mrs Beesley, Mr and Mrs D. Robinson, Brenda Brown, Greta Kay, John Kay, Tom and Betty Selby, Jane Hawkins, Pauline Johnson, Paul and Carol Roper, Jez Goodwin, Mike and June Smith, Mike and Cynthia Yaxley, Catherine and Tim Lavery, Mrs M. Blackbourn, Susan Watkin, Elizabeth Carter, Keith Palmer, Valerie Burns, Marion Webb, Denise Butler, Faith Pell, Jenny Anderson, Mr and Mrs Ballinger, Dr and Mrs Thomas, Sue Taylor, and Elizabeth Allison.

Funeral arrangements were by Robert Holland, St Catherine’s Road, Grantham.

Donations for Harlaxton Church and Grantham Talking Newspaper amount to £424.60 to date.