Bomb squad called to village garden for second time in a week

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A COUPLE who are digging out their back garden have found two Second World War shells in seven days.

Cliff Devonshire was digging up his back garden in Grange Paddock, Barrowby, last Sunday (April 10) when he came across a shell, complete with protruding electrical wires.

The bomb squad had to be called in from Nottingham and nearby homes had to be temporarily evacuated.

Just a week later (April 17) he again came across a shell just feet from the previous discovery.

Cliff’s wife, Sue Devonshire, said: “They didn’t evacuate everyone this time but they came and took it away.

“There may be some more but we wont know until we finish digging.”

The couple have only lived in the bungalow for a year. Cliff has been digging deep in the garden as they look to build a new garage.

Sue said: “The neighbours have been very good about it all. One has given Cliff a tin helmet to wear while he’s digging and another does the Dambusters tune whenever he sees Cliff.

“Hopefully, that will be the last bomb we find because it is supposed to be rare to find more than one in the same spot.”