Paranormal investigators from Grantham want to solve your ghostly goings on

Ghost Hunting at Grantham Museum. left to right are  Kay Timmins, Sarah Devereux, Vic Marchant, Carl Gregory. 742C
Ghost Hunting at Grantham Museum. left to right are Kay Timmins, Sarah Devereux, Vic Marchant, Carl Gregory. 742C
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Have you ever heard things go bump in the night? Do items move with no explanation? Or has your home simply got an eerie atmosphere?

Well if you want to get to the bottom of the strange goings-on, Red Moon Paranormal is who you’re gonna call.

The team of four paranormal investigators have formed to study peculiar happenings in places around Grantham which are believed to be haunted.

The group is made up of Carl Gregory, 31, Kay Timmins, 34, Sarah Devereux, 35, and Vic Marchant, 41.

In the weeks since the launch of Red Moon, they certainly have plenty to show for their efforts. One of their most recent night-time explorations was at Grantham Museum in St Peter’s Hill.

After seven hours of recording and monitoring, the gang reviewed their footage - and captured something quite remarkable.

Kay, of Wilks Road in Grantham, said: “We heard someone say ‘play-time’. It sounded just like Chucky, it was a little child’s voice.”

On another occasion, the group travelled to a graveyard just outside Belvoir where people have reported seeing lights and hearing footsteps and voices. During the night, they heard a voice say “Hey up” and footsteps, as well as seeing light orbs.

The group carries out investigations solely out of a passion for the paranormal and does not make any money. Any equipment they need they pay for themselves.

The majority of the equipment Red Moon uses was bought previously by Kay, who used to belong to another paranormal investigation group and is also Wiccan.

Among the tools in her kit are a digital thermometer, a K2 meter which measures electro magnetic fields and a machine which reads electronic voice phenomena.

Kay became intrigued by hauntings aged just 14 years old when she learned her grandmother’s house was haunted.

She said: “I was one of those people who was interested but I was concerned about how I’d react if I saw a ghost.

“About two years ago I had the opportunity to join a research team where I learned about investigations. I saw my first apparition and I was hooked.”

Meanwhile, Carl has worked with some of the production team for TV’s Most Haunted series, and found his interest in the paranormal grew.

Carl, of Canberra Crescent, said: “It was exciting to be part of that, but the company I worked for said we were not able to touch the equipment ourselves.

“But that’s what I wanted to do, to use it myself.”

So Carl and Kay teamed up and added Sarah and Vic to the mix.

l If you think Red Moon Paranormal can help you, or want to know more, call 0791 4431341 or e-mail: