Stunning footage of town twister captured at a family barbecue

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AMAZING footage was sent into the Journal this week of a 20-foot-high twister sweeping around the Springfield Road area of Grantham.

The shots of the mini-hurricane could have been taken from a Hollywood film but instead were spotted by Martin Clark in the back garden of his home in Harris Way, Grantham.

The Grantham Twister spotted off Springfield Road.

The Grantham Twister spotted off Springfield Road.

Incredibly, Martin said an even bigger twister had struck in the same spot minutes earlier, prompting him to whip out his camera phone.

Martin said: “It was a pretty clear day and we were having a barbecue when then all of a sudden out of nowhere there it was. It picked up the gazebo but luckily that was tied to the fence and it threw our food around.

“The twister was picking up a load of duster from the building site but by the time I got my phone out it had disappeared. Then it came back a couple of seconds later and I caught it on my phone.”

The phenomenon is believed to have been caused by the hot, dry weather over the bank holiday weekend.

“You don’t expect to see something like that in Grantham.

“We were a bit worried at first when we saw all the dust. It was weird because there was no wind at all. It was quite surreal really.”

There were also similar reports of a twister spotted in the Caythorpe area.

l You can watch Martin’s video of the twister on the Journal website at