Tossers go crackers for Egg Throwing Championships

A competitior gets splattered in the Russian Egg Roulette.
A competitior gets splattered in the Russian Egg Roulette.
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EGG tossers from around the world made their way to the tiny village of Thorpe Latimer on Sunday for the Egg Throwing World Championships.

Held alongside Swaton Vintage Day, the event is growing year by year and attracted competitors from the Netherlands, Germany and Latvia.

Event organiser and World Egg Throwing Federation chairman Andy Dunlop said: “It’s catching on and getting more popular every year.

“We’ve had some great publicity too - Sandy Toksvig wrote her whole column about it in the Sunday Telegraph.

“We’ve also got German TV company filming for a science programme called Galileo which is a bit like Top Gear and a Dutch here filming the Dutch national egg throwing champion.”

Grantham became home to the world’s Russian Egg Roulette world champion in 2008 when Opal Uptonbrooker took the title but her continuing quest to reclaim her place at the top again ended in failure as she lost out in the first round.

A fellow dressed as a storm trooper from Star Wars failed to feel the force and was crushed by the first egg. The title went to Ireland as Paul Murphy came out on top.

Grantham was also represented in the egg trebuchet event, where teams build a contraptions capable of firing and egg a great distance but accurate enough for it to be safely caught by another team member.

Team Grantham, using a machine made out of an old pallet finished ahead of the Dutch but behind a team of Latvian welders in third place.

However, the most impressive result of the day came courtesy of five-year-old Emily Van Der Weyden in the target throwing event. Throwing eggs at a live target - former World Gravy Wrestling Champion, Joel Hicks - competitors are rewarded for torso shots, leg shots and, most highly, for groin shots.

In a tough contest, you Emily came out on top to take the title.

Andy Dunlop said: “The event is growing every year and we are getting more and more participants.”

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