Tough guy faces electrifying test

Danny competed in Nettle Warrior 2011 in Wolverhampton.
Danny competed in Nettle Warrior 2011 in Wolverhampton.
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SCREAMS of pain and anguish could be heard from inside the dark tunnel in front of him.

Danny’s brain told him something was wrong and that he should turn back. But he didn’t, choosing instead to leap head first into the unknown.

“It was something else,” he said. “You can’t really train for being two-metres underground and being electrocuted.”

Welcome to Nettle Warrior 2011.

Danny Emms, 27, of Belton Lane, Grantham, took part in his first Toughman in Wolverhampton at the weekend. The increasingly popular events test not only athletic ability and endurance but a person’s ability to overcome their fears as they battle an eight-mile course featuring tunnels, lakes, barbed wire and, of course, electric cables.

But Danny knew most of this when he signed up, aiming to accomplish a long-held goal of competing in and completing a Toughman event.

He said: “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a few years, but I finally got myself together and got it done.”

Danny spends plenty of time in the gym and readied himself for the event with regular runs, but found nothing could quite prepare him for the unique challenges of a Toughman event.

And nothing was worse than the electrocution tunnel - dubbed by the event organisers “The Torture Chamber”.

Danny said: “When I got in there it was pitch black. When I heard all the screaming I realised it was not any ordinary tunnel.

“There were electric fence wires hanging down and if you caught them you knew about it. That was probably the part I disliked the most, to be honest.”

Despite this, Danny has already signed up for next year’s event and hopes to compete as part of a team with Grantham fitness company Emzfit.

He also hopes to compete in the winter version of the same race which has the added difficulty of freezing cold water.

The Toughman events raise money for a variety of causes including Help for Heroes and Kids off the Street.

Danny trains with Emzfit in Grantham and you can watch a video of his efforts on their website at