An army of parking wardens is needed

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When I lived in Cape Town the city parking was put out to tender. Companies bid for the contract and they were responsible for everything.

Wardens walked up and down the streets where parking was charged and in car parks, with machines around their necks like bus conductors and you paid them (and they gave change) and they issued a ticket and you stuck it in the car.

The wardens took a cut of what they took so they were very observant in selling the tickets when you parked and issuing penalties when you overstayed.

Maybe this is the way to go in Grantham? Apart from illegal parkers on St Peter’s Hill, the two main problems are the dead end and the taxis when the rank is full.

Let’s open up the end of the road by the pub and make that left turn only and no entry from St Catherine’s Road. Make it one way running from Avenue Road, with taxis on the right and parking on the left - including disabled parking bays.

If the High Street was turned into a no waiting and no loading zone between 8am and 6pm, it would ensure disabled drivers couldn’t park there and leave the High Street free for traffic.

The Asda roundabout was mentioned by me last week and the continued stud incidents show that it is badly designed.

Make it smaller, alter the angle of the corner and remove the studs as they won’t be needed with a better angle of turn.

Immobilizing a lorry or bus in situ defeats the purpose of keeping the traffic moving - in fact, it brings the whole town to a grinding halt.

The problem with that roundabout lies solely on whoever approved the St Augustine Road and Asda in the first place. We never had these problems before they were built. Will anyone own up to signing it off?

by Steve Cattell