Are ambulance cuts putting lives at risk?

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The story in the Journal about the Croxton Kerrial family must have bought horror and dread to every parent and the response from the East Midlands Ambulance Service just isn’t good enough.

Why, having dialled 999, was the only available ambulance in Leicester? Then they took him all the way to Lincoln, before trundling back to Leicester – what a farce!

Why weren’t any ambulances available and operating out of Grantham Hospital A&E – a facility that this town and this newspaper has fought tooth and nail to preserve?

It makes a mockery of the so-called ‘golden hour’ - the critical window which can be the difference between life or death.

Taking Grantham casualties to Lincoln, Boston, Nottingham and in this case Leicester, is wrong.

We need a response immediately from East Midlandes Ambulance Service, to reassure people that lives aren’t being put at risk by cuts.

They claim they were receiving a high volume of 999 calls, but at what point does the system completely fail as it nearly did here? Even the ‘first responder’ took a silly time to get there.

Is this really the right way to run an ambulance service? We don’t want a ‘sorry’, we want someone to stand up in the Journal and reassure us this will not and cannot happen again.

To simply apologise is not good enough. What if it had been a mother in labour with the potential for 2 lost lives?

It isn’t going to cut it when someone dies because our ambulance service isn’t fit to cover one town, never mind an entire region.

We also need a response from NHS Direct. Why were they ‘too busy to help?’ What are they doing to ensure it doesn’t happen again? Would we be better off scrapping NHS Direct and giving the money back to EMAS?

by Steve Cattell