Are Grantham businesses embracing apprenticeships?

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Unemployment amongst the 18-25s is a problem throughout the UK, not just Grantham, and businesses are struggling in the aftermath of the recession.

This means there are less jobs available in the area - and if there are any, businesses generally want to hire experienced individuals who can get on with being productive straight away.

But I believe apprenticeships amongst 18-25s should be positively encouraged.

Higher education has become too expensive for some young people, or is just not an option due to their qualifications.

As a result, they’re leaving school or college with the hopes of finding a job, only to be told they’re too inexperienced to have any chance of finding one.

It’s hard to gain experience if nobody will give you a chance in the first place!

We will always need a skilled workforce – in construction, plumbing, childcare and so on – all trades which will be vital as we look to build a better future. We’d have many skilled individuals for years to come, instead of a young generation that has been unable to find work and has instead relied on the state for income.

The longer they’re out of work, the harder it will be for them.

Apprenticeship programmes seem like a win/win solution in a time where young people can’t find work, or don’t have the experience necessary to take up the jobs that are available.

We are lucky enough to have a great local college that offers a wide variety of apprenticeship programmes.

Furthermore, the Government has decided not to cut funding in apprenticeships amongst the 19-24s and 25s and over during the 2012/2013 academic year, which is good news.

What do you think? Should Grantham businesses be encouraged to take on more apprentices? Is your business doing just that? I’d like to know, please.

by Alison Robson