Back Corbyn, Labour!

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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One of the reasons I back Jeremy Corbyn to lead Labour to victory in the next General Election is that in my view the alternative ‘Gang of six, eight or even a dozen or more’ candidates are in fact closet Conservatives.

If they weren’t, why would they espouse unjust, unfair and failing Tory policies as they appear to do?

Talk about the Trojan horse! The Labour Party seems to have its own version packed with members who are doing infinitely better than their government opponents in destroying the once greatest social movement this country ever had.

While gutless Tories appear absolutely petrified by the first people’s party leader to actually have the popular support of the people, those who should be loyal to him in a true democracy are playing into the enemy’s hands using trumped up lies and innuendo.

Yet despite all this, Corbyn has increased his popular support more than ever, even in some right-wing constituencies like Grantham.

Much of this transformation has stemmed from what he and his fans claim to be the ‘New Politics’ of honest inclusive freedom of expression, which should have been everyone’s aim rather than lies, lies and more lies.

Not the policies of 
American-style personal assassination and outright dishonesty we have become so used to.

I don’t mean simply blaming the opposition in all its forms for the global economic disaster six or seven years ago and then alleging that the forthcoming financial follow-up crash is totally due to other countries’ failures.

China! The EU! Timbuktu! Come on Labour! Get your act together and do what true democrats should do as people’s representatives. Back the only man in your party who has the clout to terrify the Tories and herald a new era for not only the workers, but the whole country as well.