Ban dogs from play areas immediately

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The dropped kerb at the rear of Welham Street car park was installed as promised by SKDC, so well done, although I am amazed that one wasn’t thought necessary in the planning stage.

The state of the park on Queensway and Wyndham Park has been bought to my attention. Both are covered in dog mess and in the Queensway park there was broken glass as well as broken bins.

Should dogs be allowed on parks and play areas where our children play? Surely there is a case for banning them completely with the risk of Toxacara Canis, a parasitic worm contained in dog faeces, which can cause blindness.

Young children are most at risk, because of their innocence, and their habit of putting their fingers in their mouths. Even if the owners remove dog deposits, some will still remain, and be unseen.

I don’t live in Grantham itself or walk a dog there but I seem to remember a few years ago a refusal to install dog poo bins by SKDC on the grounds they would get damaged. Was that decision changed and are bins now in place and if so, are they damaged? Let me know please.

Is it my imagination or have the incidences of bridge strike dropped off this year?

We used to have a report nearly every week but now we don’t seem to get the idiot lorry drivers causing chaos with the same frequency.

Have the brightly painted warnings on the bridge had the effect or are lorry drivers improving? Again, let me know what you think.

Finally Cllr Jean Taylor, who wrote to say that if we didn’t vote, we can’t complain. We didn’t have a choice in the first place.

By saying that the Orrery was the people’s choice as the people voted for it misses the basic point, which is that we should have been given the choice of whether we wanted £20,000 wasted on ‘art’ in the first place!

By Steve Cattell