Bulldoze the shops and build houses

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Given that there are a large number of shops in the town which seem to be almost permanently empty, and that developers are constantly nibbling at green field areas, would it not be a good idea to turn the empty retail premises into residential accommodation?

There would be a number of advantages - the removal of the impression that the town is becoming a ghost town, a customer base of people living in the town who would be in walking range of the remaining shops so these would be used more. Who knows, other small businesses may be encouraged to open, too.

There would be a reduction in traffic needing to enter the town and park; an in-town population with an interest in looking after and taking pride in the centre of the town.

You only have to visit northern Belgian, Dutch and French small towns to see the advantages of having a resident population in town centres, and I don’t see why it couldn’t work for Grantham.

Ian Walker