COLUMN - Alison Robson: The Journal’s Facebook page is now an essential tool

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I love how social networking sites such as Facebook have really united the people of Grantham lately.

It’s becoming a place where people can voice their concerns and talk about local issues.

You only have to look at the Grantham Journal’s Facebook page to see strong opinions about Thatcher, the green bin charges and of course Morrison’s car park changes to see that people are actively trying to make themselves heard.

I actually wonder if SKDC take to Facebook to listen to the people of Grantham and actively address their concerns?

It’s not all debates, though – have you visited the page of “Grantham Past” yet? As the name suggests, the account posts photographs and comments about things that were previously - but often are no longer - part of Grantham.

Although I’m not old enough to know quite a lot of the things posted, it is really interesting to see how Grantham has changed.

And the people of Grantham – as well as some previous residents – also seem to love it, chatting away with each other regardless of whether they know them.

And people are even selling and buying items through local Grantham-based Facebook pages, as well as advertising their services!

The uses have become so wide-ranging that I wonder what will come next. Although there’s often a conflict of opinion with local issues and it can sometimes get quite heated, it is great to see people taking an active role and talking about their town, socialising (in a sense) with other people they probably wouldn’t have known before networking via Facebook.

Local businesses are embracing the website too, with many of Grantham’s pubs, clubs and beauty providers making sure their customers know the latest deals.

For me, I think Facebook is becoming an ever-important community tool for people of all ages and it’s essential that people embrace it in every way possible.

How has Facebook benefitted you? Have you made local friends through the site, or are you using it from a business perspective? Let me know!