Columnist: Grantham Labour Group leader Charmaine Morgan

Charmaine Morgan.
Charmaine Morgan.
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Local Labour members joined Andy Burnham MP Labour Shadow Health Minister at a health workshop in Nottingham this week.

Members of the public were also invited, and many attendees were healthcare professionals from nearby Nottingham QMC Hospital.

Andy Burnham is proposing a ‘radical change’ to our healthcare system that would see our NHS expanded to include medical care, mental health and social care. His proposals were largely well received by those attending the workshop.

Most agreed that the current fragmented delivery of services does not fully support people. There are key gaps in care. A long-term solution is needed.

Andy Burnham outlined a ‘cradle to grave’ patient care package. He gave a commitment to the national delivery of mainstream services through the public sector stating the privitisation of NHS services, like the loss of A&E units, has gone too far.

He proposed the proper recognition through decent pay and conditions for home care workers, who play a vital role delivering care in the community.

He acknowledged that before such a radical change could be considered, a number of key questions must be answered. Is the delivery of such a scheme a good idea? How should our health and social care be funded? How far should such care go? How can local authorities be involved?

This is a unique opportunity to have your say. Please let me know your views, so I can forward them to Andy Burnham.

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