Columnist: Grantham’s roads are becoming dangerous

Columnist Alison Robson
Columnist Alison Robson
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Journal columnist Alison Robson writes:

I am becoming quite concerned about the safety of both pedestrians and drivers in Grantham.

Lately, there seems to have been a lot more accidents than usual and it is quite worrying.

Many people have also complained about people driving through red lights and causing near-misses.

I would like to know whether the cameras above the traffic lights are actively being monitored? If they were, would so many people be cutting through the red lights?

I was myself nearly hit by someone who had jumped a red light on the opposite side of the road a few weeks ago outside Screw Fix, and was quite shaken up about it. I can imagine it’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured as a result of people jumping the red lights.

Pedestrians are equally as bad, however, when they would like to cross roads quickly. They don’t seem to be able to judge how quickly a car is travelling.

I recently saw a mother and her two young children crossing the road outside the Post Office in St Peter’s Hill and narrowly missing being hit by a car. Please don’t run the risk – it’s not worth it. Use the crossings.

I would really like to see a safe pedestrian crossing on the junction by Pizza Hut and the Kennelgate pet store. Too many people are risking their safety to get across the road, especially in the morning school traffic. People have to walk down towards Sainsbury’s in order to cross the road safely. It baffles me that there is not already a crossing in place.

* What do you think? Have driving habits become more dangerous in Grantham? Is there anywhere that you think really needs a safe pedestrian crossing? Comment below.