Drunken layabouts should be arrested

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AT St Peter’s Hill last Monday, I had my ears assailed by some drunken woman haranguing the passers by with filth and swearing.

I presume the Police Spokesman James Newall doesn’t go there, as he claims they are just drinking lager and not harassing anybody. Just when I’m there then, Mr Newall?

Now although PCSOs are not attested constables, and therefore do not have the same powers of arrest, they can utilise the citizens’ arrest power, which includes common law arrests such as to prevent a breach of the peace.

Maybe the Police can explain why these drunken layabouts are allowed to continue in their alcohol-sodden abuse, and not be arrested when they breach the peace?


What is the point of that speed camera on the A1 just past Barrowby?

All the locals know it is there, and it only seems to catch those passing through – especially celebrities (although how Kieron Fallon escaped a driving ban is a mystery to me) if the pages of the Journal are anything to go by.

Yet since the Gonerby Moor Roundabout was removed, what purpose does it serve besides making money? Who is it keeping safe along that particular stretch?

All it seems to do is cause drivers concentrating on the road at a legal speed to suddenly see the camera and slam on the brakes before checking their speedometer.

A chain of braking then follows and finally they pass the camera and all moves off again.

The camera is situated on a dual carriageway, with no pedestrians, no junctions for nearly a mile (hidden round a bend just after the overpass but that is another issue) so as I asked before - what is its purpose? Mr Highways?

by Steve Cattell