Failing exams isn’t the end of the world

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WELL done to all those who achieved the GCSEs and A levels they required, especially those at the Priory Ruskin Academy.

I know I am prejudiced as I have two grandsons there and used to be a governor at the Grantham Church High School, but they have really turned it and Central Technology and Sports College around with results now in the top 10 per cent of the country.

For those who didn’t achieve what they wanted, don’t despair. Keep trying while you can and maybe change the direction of your career.

I failed one of my A levels so couldn’t go to the polytechnic (as they were called then) to study civil engineering but after a year enlisted in the RAF Police and had a very successful career.

I then went on, with what I had learnt in the RAF, to another successful career in industry.

So it can be done. Nil desperandum.

Two stories and three quotes in last week’s Journal caught my eye.

What a surprise that the Market Place farce has run over time.

The senior project leader says “penalties do exist under certain circumstances within the contract if the work is delayed”.

So it means unless aliens are involved, Grantham taxpayers get ripped off again with delayed completion times and probably over budget.

Coun Cartwright says “the new Market Place gives us a focal point to the town.”

I thought we had one in St Peter’s Hill.

Another story was the terror at the thugs’ actions in the Harrowby Ward.

Sgt Gilmore says “the offences involved do not involve violence and residents need not fear any violence in the community”.

Oh, well that’s alright then!

by Steve Cattell