Grantham can be proud to put its name to a Foodbank

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There is little more inspiring than the sight of people coming together spontaneously to address the needs of some of the least fortunate people in their community – and that is exactly what is happening right here in Grantham.

And there was no shortage of inspiration at Harrowby Road Methodist Church last Friday when the Grantham branch of Foodbank was officially launched to the public.

The genius of Foodbank lies in its simplicity and in the way it involves all sections of the community and asks each of them to make a contribution that they are well placed to make.

Supermarkets are asked to give Foodbank staff and volunteers a place to collect donations.

Shoppers are asked to put one or two extra items in their supermarket trolleys and donate them to Foodbank as they leave.

Professionals working in the community - doctors, district nurses, social workers and CAB advisers - are given vouchers that they can pass on to people struggling to feed themselves and their families. Foodbank checks the sell-by dates on the donated items, prepares boxes of emergency supplies that will feed a family for up to 3 days, and gives them to people who present vouchers without moral judgment or intrusive questioning.

If you have been asking yourself what the Prime Minister is on about when he talks of the Big Society, you need look no further.

And the beauty of it is that it is all happening independently of Government and is perfectly designed to complement the more formal support available through the benefits system.

Grantham can be proud to have a Foodbank and I hope that it will win the community’s full support.”

by Nick Boles, MP