‘Grantham is a hotspot for the idiot brigade’

Police Station : Phil Taylor and Mark Housley.
Police Station : Phil Taylor and Mark Housley.
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CAN I thank all those sensible civilised people who enjoyed themselves on News Year’s Eve and then went home without causing any trouble?

I am a little frustrated that again the ‘hotspot’ for the idiot brigade across Lincolnshire was Grantham; we were policing some establishments until after 6am.

This year I will be asking for your support in working together with the district council in tackling this nonsense with late licenses in Grantham. I am aware my colleagues in Lincoln had no problems all evening and the latest premise to close was at 3.30am.

Just so you are aware, because I policed until these ridiculous times, you, the vast majority, had fewer police officers on duty during daylight hours.

This situation frustrates me, because not only do the public have to fund extra policing for the night-time economy, but also there are fewer police on during the day and the investigations, which will run into February, will cost £1,000s.

Did you know the licence objectives (under the 2003 Licensing Act) are to reduce crime and disorder, increase public safety, prevent nuisance and protect children? Question: How can extended opening hours of this nature achieve any of the above?

l Do you want to see licensing hours reduced? What effect does the night-time economy have on Grantham? E-mail: comment@granthamjournal.co.uk