Grantham Journal column: Alison Robson writes...

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After seeing the ‘artists impression’ of the new Business Incubation Centre, I am not convinced it is a good thing for Grantham in its current location.

Not only will it add to traffic in the area, which is heavily congested during peak times, but its use hasn’t been properly explained yet. What exactly is it going to do? And where are the jobs going to come from, exactly? It’s vague at best and as other people have pointed out, what makes the SKDC think that people are going to come to Grantham rather than Peterborough, for example?

Additionally, Mr Boles said in his column last week that “very few people” object to the proposed housing between Old Somerby and Spitalgate Level. Really? I seem to recall quite a lot of anger about it when it was first proposed, or is Mr Boles just daydreaming again?

I certainly do not support the Poplar Farm development. Why do we need more housing? They’re not going to be particularly affordable for normal people and there are already developers in and around Grantham that seem to be struggling to sell the houses they have built. We are effectively still in recession; people don’t have the ability to obtain a mortgage and I don’t see the situation improving in the next couple of years. Grantham is going to be nothing more than one giant housing estate at this rate. Yes, we want growth – but growth does not mean more housing!

I am however delighted to see that Grantham College has plans to restore the former police station building. It’ll certainly benefit students and staff if they are able to make use of the building as it is so close to the main college site. Most of all, I’m pleased to see that it won’t be demolished in favour of more housing. In my opinion, restoring older buildings is the way forward; not building new ones.