Grantham Journal column: Bly’s spirit should live on

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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What a fantastic wheeze Ken Wingad inspired with his recent Journal letter, about Charmaine Morgan and the Labour Group describing Margaret Thatcher as contentious!

What a great debate there would be if the cat was put among the pigeons and our once-and-future elusive bypass were to be named: ‘Tony Blair’s Way’?

After all, everybody seems to have forgotten that he was one of the ‘blue-eyed boys’ of Maggie’s political fantasy world, second only to ‘Ronnie the Robot’ Reagan and the ‘cloud cuckoo’ notion of Britain’s special relationship with America, a ‘Loony Tune’ that still exists today.

Of course no one could argue about the word ‘contentious’ in connection with Tony Blair, even within the Labour ranks which Ken chooses to forget. But whatever your views about Iraq, let us not demean the fact that Sedgefield’s brightest son did also give us the minimum wage among other goodies.

A bit on the cheap side for the ‘Red Ed’ brigade, but a major step towards what all British workers should be paid - a living wage or what used to be knows as: ‘A fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work’.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it Mr Cameron! Sorry! That was Harold Wilson, wasn’t it? Like Blair, a former Labour leader who was brought down by what many thought to be trumped-up Tory ‘economies with the truth’.

And what of Lady Thatcher’s own controversial policies, as put to us by another perceptive Journal correspondent Anne Repson? Didn’t they help destroy much of our industrial prowess, not to mention the horrors of the government-provoked 
miners’ strike?

Love them or hate them, both Maggie and Tony did have a massive influence on this country’s future, but I would prefer Terry Bly’s name on the bypass for what he did for his adopted home town of Grantham!