Grantham Journal column: Carnival volunteers’ vital role

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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Unlike last week’s correspondent David Holmes apparently, I was not disappointed that there weren’t more floats taking part in this year’s Grantham Carnival parade.

Rather the opposite when I realised just how many volunteers were still needed every year to make it a success.

A great wave of nostalgia brought tears to my eyes as I recalled the best days of the carnival. My family and I were all avidly involved then, either on floats, marching or simply carrying bucket-loads of cash collected from spectators.

The money went to worthy causes then, of course, as it does now and hopefully will again in future years.

As you might expect, Roy Wright and his ever-changing team was involved then as he was again this year. How many times has it been said that without Roy there would be no carnival? So surely, after all these years, sometimes almost single-handedly ensuring its survival, he now deserves more official recognition than has so far been forthcoming.

Not that his whole team’s contribution should be forgotten either.

Most people would agree that our town would still do with many more like them nowadays, even taking into account the hundreds of dedicated folk who work in all parts of the voluntary sector. This is, of course, where young people come in and in my opinion given the right encouragement they will respond even better than expected.

As do volunteers of all ages, but unfortunately encouragement seems to be losing out to discouragement these days, especially among the powers-that-be, who appear to have lost their way completely in this sadly monetarist world.

Finally, a big thank you to the fabulous Red Arrows, who gave us a tantalising Queen’s eye view flypast. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they came back next year and gave us a full display?