Grantham Journal column: DUP deal is criminal!

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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That’s my verdict on the controversial deal with the Northern Ireland DUP designed to keep a minority Conservative government in power at Westminster.

In my opinion, this is a private arrangement which benefits only the two participants, not the rest of the government or the whole country.

Therefore, I firmly believe it should not be financed by the taxpayers.

Those people who voted Jeremy Corbyn to a dramatic revival of fortune would certainly not wish to help pay for a Tory government’s undemocratic survival.

They would rather allow their favourite to do what he and his party have said they are ready to do – form a minority government of their own.

I would also suggest that the Conservatives regard as unthinkable the prospect of yet another election, which is why I believe they are taking the only dodgy deal they think they might get away with.

Goodness knows what damage the deal could do to the peace process in Ireland.

And make no mistake about it, the wrong decision would have serious repercussions here in the Grantham constituency as well. After all, why should we have to continue to suffer austerity cuts along with Scotland, Wales and the rest of the UK while the Irish benefit unfairly at our expense?

Finally, without wishing to refer to any particular incident from which legal proceedings might emerge, I do not believe that victims or taxpayers should have to foot the bill for authorities’ failure to fit safety features to buildings which are under their responsibility or where possibly unsafe materials have been applied.

Why do I ask all these questions? Because I believe the national media at present is not doing the job it is supposed to do. We now have a viable opposition at Westminster. Let’s make that now apply to the national media as well.