Grantham Journal column: Give Corbyn a chance

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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Maggie Thatcher was famous for her ‘U-turn, the lady’s not for turning,” comments, but if the present government doesn’t soon get something right first time, it will end up renowned for exactly the opposite reason.

Major farces like failed ideologies involving NHS reforms, unfair proposals for cuts to disabled benefits, tax credits, forcing all schools to become academies, accepting more or less unaccompanied child refugees from war zones and many more, are beginning to mount up to such an extent that it beggars belief.

Yet the Conservatives are such experts at spin (It takes one to know one, doesn’t it?) that their most ardent supporters still believe they are doing a wonderful job in impossible circumstances while trying to save our country from the most shambolic opposition ever.

Well I suppose they’ve got that bit right at least, as it is all about being in touch with the majority of ordinary people wherever possible.

As we all know, the current crop of what I call ‘Cameron’s cronies’ haven’t a clue in that respect and neither has the present ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ Labour Party, who never seem to learn from their past mistakes either at national or local level.

Getting back to the subject of spin, I reckon if the Tories create any more of it, they could turn into ‘Whirling Dervishes’ and wobble off the political stage altogether.

That would leave the door wide open for Labour, but unless someone manages to convince them what childish, undemocratic people the more ‘conservative’ element of the movement has become, they too will disappear from the pages of history as well.

If they have any sense whatsoever, they should seize the initiative, back their democratically elected leader Jeremy Corbyn and wipe the smug smirks off all their rivals.

Despite the totally biased witch hunt against him, he has done little wrong since coming to power, so give him a chance.