Grantham Journal column: Great? Yeah, yeah, yeah

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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A long night of nostalgic Beatlemania recently reminded me of just how low British pop music and entertainment has sunk since those heady days when the Fab Four ruled the world.

Sorry kids, but I simply sat there in front of the telly and wallowed in it as ITV went through all John, Paul, George and Ringo’s chart topping hits to find the one voted best of all – ‘Hey Jude’.

What did the Beatles have that our current so-called ‘stars’ don’t?

I’ll tell you. For a few brief moments in the sixties they put the ‘Great’ back in Britain and made us feel that we didn’t just have to brag about being the best. We were the best!

They didn’t simply copy the Americans. They took some of their traditional music and made it even better. The Fab Four then proved that we Brits could go on to create something better still, taking the USA by storm in their own back yard.

More importantly though, the Beatles phenomenon was an inspiration in so many different ways.

Sport for instance; 1966 and all that, England winning the World Cup for the only time in football history; Carnaby Street leading international fashion; art, the theatre, business, all had good reason to be grateful to the talented Liverpool lads.

More than that, the Beatles were a combination of the legendary King Arthur and Robin Hood, while still managing to embody humanity’s quest for world peace.

Even here in Grantham, we seemed to be on the crest of a manic wave with everyone else.

But what do present day readers think? Are these the wild ravings of an old man wearing rose coloured spectacles and well past his sell-by date? Or could someone somewhere, maybe even here, be waiting to burst on the scene and make town and country great again?