Grantham Journal column: How can we decide?

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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Confusion apparently reigns supreme among Grantham people wondering which way to vote in the forthcoming EU referendum.

The local MP Nick Boles is perched precariously on the fence as far as I can tell from his recent Journal column.

Nick appears to dislike far more about the European Union than he likes, but says he will vote with David Cameron if the Prime Minister gets the right reform deal from his currently far-flung negotiations on the subject.

At present that deal looks as flimsy as the piece of paper Neville Chamberlain brought back from Germany before World War Two. So where does that leave us and our beloved MP? Even more at sea than ever, I would imagine.

Obviously the constituency’s dyed-in-the-wool Conservatives will overwhelmingly toe the party line, following the PM whichever cliff he eventually decides to jump off.

Labour will probably do the same in their naivety whoever leads them on the day, while the rest of the opposition parties will undoubtedly stick to their proverbial political guns.

Nevertheless, in the midst of this “Hokey Cokey2 in-out, in out, shake it all about chaos among those we elected to represent our interests in such situations, I believe I have come up with the best course of action for the majority of us.

Listen to what David Cameron recommends and do the opposite! No-one tries to gag the opposition as he seems to be doing unless pretty certain it is on the right track.

Apart from that gagging attempt, the absolute lack of reliable information on our best course of action has not been any more forthcoming than whether there really will be a referendum as promised in the foreseeable future anyway.

So how on earth can we be sure to make the right decision when we simply haven’t got a clue?