Grantham Journal column: I don’t feel Brexit will change things straight away

Mayor of Grantham Coun Linda Wootten. EMN-160531-154609001
Mayor of Grantham Coun Linda Wootten. EMN-160531-154609001
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I didn’t stay up to watch the referendum results on the television so I was surprised when I caught the 8am news and I couldn’t quite believe the country had voted to leave the EU, as I thought the ‘Remain’ would just pip ‘Leave’ past the post.

Like a lot of people I felt shell shocked and realised this was history in the making and that Britain is in unknown territory.

We are in uncharted waters and will be looking for strong determined leadership both nationally and locally.

I can understand why Mr Cameron felt he had to stand down, but the political parties seem in turmoil .

I have great faith that anyone in business would have been aware of what implications this result could have for their business and, hopefully they will find a way forward or perhaps some might not be affected at all. Also it’s going to take a couple of years to Brexit, so they will carry on as they are in the short time.

I don’t have a crystal ball to predict how the EU could affect the future growth of Grantham but I do know the local authority is working closely with local stakeholders, promoting businesses tourism and leisure, to 
achieve an improved economy with employment opportunities and by building more homes.

I don’t feel Brexit will change things straight away in Grantham and it’s quite sad to see on TV that some European people who have come to England to work, feel they are not valued and are not sure how it will affect them.

We have people in Grantham from various countries who come here to work and pay their taxes. I have a Polish dentist who is a highly skilled professional and fully integrated into our way of life.

Many schools have a mix of children who quickly learn English and make friends with our children, sharing each other’s cultures and I can’t see this changing.

Perhaps if families are settled and happy here, they will apply for British citizenship or when we leave the EU, decide to return home.