Grantham Journal Column: I will not stay quiet, I will voice my beliefs!

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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An irate local voter who shall be nameless recently branded me the most politically obsessed person they had ever met.

But if that has to do with being right wing, left wing, or any kind of ideological extremist, they couldn’t be more wrong. Unless, of course, it concerns having been a lifelong supporter of England, Arsenal and the Gingerbreads.

If, on the other hand, it means hatred of what I believe to be a selfishly motivated government, which starves everything from the NHS to our schools, colleges and armed forces of money and then blames the heroes and hard-working staff for resultant shortcomings, I stand convicted.

Should it also refer to my opposing an all-out attack on our traditional English values, as well as ridiculing political correctness and bigotry, put me in the Tower.

If it means kicking opposition parties in the pants, who seem to have fallen into a Black Hole of ineffectiveness, do not belittle my intelligence.

If you think, like so many activists nowadays, I value money over human life, go and read your Bible or whatever publication your faith believes in, and mend the error of your ways.

Having also been accused of being a critic who doesn’t like being criticised, on the contrary, I assure you ...I love it!

All journalists will tell you that any response, good or bad, is better than none at all, as it means people are actually reading what has been written.

Not to mention delusions of saving the planet, going for green, not greed, caring and sharing and making corruption understood for what it is - foul - instead of worshipping perpetrators for their acumen in avoiding anything whatsoever to do with honesty.

In fact, it seems to me, that the best policy would be to get rid of politics altogether and just concentrate on making the world a better place for everyone.