Grantham Journal column: It’s good to dream...

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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Everyone is entitled to have dreams, but nowadays as often in the past, not everyone is privileged enough to have them come true.

Some are, of course. Those fortunate enough to be born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouths; sufficiently lucky to collect some sort of windfall; others who marry money and a precious few with enough nous to amass their own assets.

Too many of the latter, though adored by the more gullible members of the public, have achieved their much-vaunted status by more dubious means than might be imagined.

But nearly all of them, as well as the current powers-that-be, choose to forget or deliberately ignore the fact that if you take people’s dreams and aspirations away from them, some will react more violently than others.

So be warned. The current policy of taking from the poor to line the pockets of the rich could backfire into tears and bloodshed.

Another surprise is that even in our austerity obsessed society, not everybody’s dreams involve money.

Happiness is high on the list for ill-used victims of our sham democracy. Good health is a fantasy or nightmare, depending on how you view the current state of the hard pressed NHS.

Almost every patient, past, present and possibly future dreams of Grantham Hospital as it used to be, efficient, successful, caring and not under threat of relegation or even destruction.

Money again – or lack of it—the bugbear bringing little hope for less fortunate patients despite the fact that in the past, philanthropically minded members of the community played a vital financial part in its creation and early survival.

Wouldn’t it be great if their modern counterparts, who have made and will make more than their fair share of wealth out of the town, would make more dreams come true by actually doing the same?