Grantham Journal column: Jacob Stuart

Columnist: Jacob Stuart
Columnist: Jacob Stuart
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News that all of Grantham should be happy to hear broke last week as it was announced that the town would become a hub for ambulances for the area.

As Last GASP, the action group who helped petition for this, said, this is a victory for common sense as well as Grantham. Looking at the other hubs in the area, we would would have been left to rely on Lincoln or Nottingham for their ambulance services.

Unfortunately the redesign means many rural areas of the county, including Stamford, have been stripped of their ambulance stations and now have to look to small community stations to base staff from the hubs while on duty. I’m still not convinced that going to this ‘hub-and-spoke’ model is going to reduce the time it takes to reach a patient in desperate need, as is claimed.

However, this has been just part of a war that the town is fighting to keep health services to a high standard. With the announcement last year that Grantham would potentially lose the midwifery led maternity ward, locals are looking at a journey of at least 20 miles to the next nearest hospital to welcome their newest family member.

As was acknowledged by the East Midlands Ambulance Service, how Grantham battled to have this hub was an big factor in the decision to award the super station to the town. Therefore it’s important we continue to make our views known on these issues. The final say on the future of the maternity ward comes in May and NHS managers have already received a 7,500-signature petition as well as over 700 formal complaints.

Hopefully, Granthamians will continue to make sure their voices are heard on issues that affect the future of this town and the surrounding areas with as much success as we’ve seen with EMAS.