Grantham Journal column: Money, money, money

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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One of my former colleagues once told me a politician friend of his used to claim that if you persisted with a lie long enough people would accept it as the truth.

Whether or not you believe it, modern MPs certainly seem to have adopted the idea en bloc. Take, for instance, the ‘Nothing left’ note from Labour to the new Chancellor of the Exchequer who took office after the 2010 general election.

Any politician worth his seat knows that wasn’t necessarily the truth, but a running joke throughout the history of Parliament. Or the £350 million claim on the side of the Brexit bus during the EU referendum. True or false, the Remoaners keep on asking why it hasn’t gone into the NHS yet?They know the answer is that we still haven’t actually left the EU and probably never will.

The wily Westminster gang tell us they had to take their totally unjust pay rise as it was decided by an independent assessor. I thought the public sector was supposed to have its pay cap removed on advice from a similar body. One rule for rich MPs – some of whom do voluntarily donate their ill-gotten pay rise to charity while others do not – but another for the people who actually do the work?

Did we Brexiteers know what we voted for in the referendum? Of course we did. ‘In or out’. David Cameron made that quite clear from the outset. Nothing more and nothing less. No excuse then for failing to trigger Article 50 immediately.

And there again, what about the most ludicrous lie of all? Call it a con if you like, but how any person of a sound mind could be asked to believe that if you cut staffing levels to the bone, ask people to work more without even a minimum pay rise and run into debt through no fault of their own, is beyond 

‘Brexit means Brexit’. I won’t even go into that!