Grantham Journal column: Please let’s have honesty

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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The only tribute I feel able to pay David Cameron for his diatribe at the Conservative Party conference is a 
Freddie Starr style finger-under-the-nose gesture.

The speech’s content and presentation itself put me in mind of George Orwell’s classic novel ‘Animal Farm.’

This, of course, referring to Cameron’s unbelievable tirade against Labour’s current ‘whipping boy’ leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Having actually seen the whole of Corbyn’s ‘Bin Laden tragedy’ comments on Russian TV, I realised that the criticised section was taken so completely out of context, that it made the PM’s version seem as farcical as most of the rest of Cameron’s speech.

Figures quoted by Andrew Neil on the BBC’s politics show later bamboozled Michael Gove into an extremely dodgy defence of his leader’s “affordable homes for all’ claims, in my opinion. 
The BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg also appeared to show her political leanings in no uncertain terms, along with other TV reporters.

The whole herd of Tory faithful were mesmerised so completely by what appeared to be blatant inaccuracies that they would probably have leapt into the flames of hell for their hero if need be.

Seriously though, after Corbyn had begged opponents to avoid gutter personal attacks following his shock election as Labour leader, I just wish his request could have been honoured, not only by the triumphant overall majority mad Tories but also his traitorous ‘damage limitation’ former and current socialist colleagues.

As I said before the last general election, what we need more than anything in this failing country is a 
return to honesty among politicians and all other people in power.