Grantham Journal Column: Pothole-filling is needed on paths as well

Peter Clawson.
Peter Clawson.
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All we’ve heard for months and months is about potholes in the road. Thanks to the efforts of Lincolnshire Highways supremo Richard Davies and his team, many have been filled in.

But a perilous walk around Grantham’s footpaths reveals a much more pressing problem. Seriously uneven pavement surfaces in and around the town are putting vulnerable people, especially the elderly, at risk.

There is no need to name any of the streets involved, because in part, or often in total, it involves all of them.

The paths which haven’t simply subsided into tripping ‘minefields’ for citizens have been severely mutilated by tender-on-the-cheap gas, electricity and water board patch-ups.

Newly laid flagstones or pathways subjected to Tarmac abuse have so many uneven points due to shoddy workmanship that they present similar problems to those which would have arisen in the threatening weather.

To put it bluntly, the county council, or whichever authority is responsible, favours motorists, with their bigger mouths and spending power. Of course, those potholes in the road need to be filled in, especially if we are hit with the winter which is being predicted.

But any pedestrian, of whatever age, handicapped or not, who has stumbled or slid down Avenue Road and in other parts of the town on subsidence-plagued footpaths, will be eager to show the relevant department what I mean.